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yeah, this is an old question, but i have a better solution: what about f3? and ctrl + o is what windows users are looking for.


simply hitting f3 by placing cursor on the function name will work for windows users.


simple 2 ways to function declarations:

way 1: ( whole workspace )
                  ctrl + left click the function calling place.

way 2: ( within the same page )
                  press ctrl + f to find dialog window and type n function_name and search.

these will redirect to function definition


if the method in question is on an interface, then using quick outline or f3 to jump to the definition will only take you to the interface definition. this isn't often what i want. instead i hit, on my mac, cmd + t on the method to get a quick type hierarchy. from the type hierarchy you can go to the implementation of the method.


quick and dirty is to use ctrl+shift+up/down, which jumps between members (methods, variables) in java.


i use momentics, so i'm not sure if this is in eclipse or in momentics plugin, but if it is eclipse i think this is exactly what you need: ctrl + shift + t.


press ctrl + left mouse button on the name your function. eclipse will open the clicked file with this function automatically.


not sure if this is exactly what you want, but if you ctrl + h, that'll bring up the search dialog. the default option (for me, using the java ee perspective) is a java search. i can type in the method name, and then select the 'method' radio button under the search for block. note that the default option (again, for me) for the 'limit to' block was the 'references' radio button. i had to change that to 'all occurences' in order to see the method declaration, and not just callers.


not exactly a direct shortcut, but you need to go through the java search dialog:


(sergei mentions in the comments that you might have to select "declarations" in the "limit to" section)

eclipse java source search


this is an old question, but for the sake of people googling this, ctrl + o opens the code outline search, which is what you were looking for.

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