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two option:

window -> new window         //opens with no editors, but preserves views layout
window -> reset perspective  //keep editors, but resets layout view

if i understood your description correctly - you'll get what you want.


in my case, the 'reset perspective' approach does not work. as an alternative to those who are building android apps or such. try window > open perspective > others > java (default). hope that helps.


i tried all of the suggestions below, but none of them worked. here is what finally worked for me. 1. go to the workspace folder and change its file name. 2. open eclipse and accept the new workspace. 3. import projects into the new workspace.

if you're like me and have a lot of projects its a pain but it worked, and i get to leave out a few projects that i don't need anymore. good luck!


i opened a new window and it solved my problem of my editor failing to open a file - resetting perspective and deleting indexes did not solve my problem.


i did window->perspective->reset perspective on all of my perspectives within eclipse mars, and it did the trick in restoring all of my views.


you can save the file which is invisible and click on any other file to open. and then open the invisible file. it will get opened in the editor.


window -> new window         //opens with no editors, but preserves views layout
window -> reset perspective  //keep editors, but resets layout view

if i understood your description correctly - you'll get what you want.


in my case ctrl-f find and replace window would not display. tried everything. what worked for me:

  • assign ctrl-f to another action like search
  • press ctrl-f
  • a popup menu allows you to choose which action
  • select find and replace (which actually shows the popup!!!!)
  • close the find and replace window
  • unbind the key from search


tested under windows 7 with "console"-view

select in menu window -> show view -> console

the main window becomes inactive and invisible console-window is now active.

now, press alt+space combination and somewhere on main display appears small menu with window-controls.

select "maximize" and the hidden window becomes maximized on main display. now just drag the view with mouse to the main eclipse window.


if you're just missing a view, you can use the menu item: window->show view->console. no need to reset the perspective.

alternatively, ctrl-3 and type console <enter>.


this is a naïve answer and may not be possible in every case, but it worked for me and turned out to be less hassle than i thought:

i simply changed my os's monitor setup to bring the windows back to within reach, dragged them back to the main screen, changed my monitor setup back to reality, and dragged the windows to my monitor's new position. certainly easier than setting my perspective back up from scratch!


i solved this problem by removing the attribute toberendered="false" from the element with elementid="org.eclipse.e4.primarydatastack" in the workbench.xmi file.


this has been one of the most annoying and long-lasting bugs in eclipse for me. i still don't know why this happens, but my solution (similar to @cyber-monk) is the following:

  1. open window -> show view -> console (activates the console window, but it's still hidden).
  2. alt-space (activates the context menu).
  3. select maximize (actually shows the console window).

this works, since i have the console window open on the second screen as in the question. not sure if this bug happens when console is not in a separate window.


slightly related... i just had a case where my editor disappeared and would not reappear. i could try to open files but not see them anywhere (the file would be successfully parsed by the "outline" view). simply resetting the perspective didn't work. nor did window -> new editor. to fix i had to do this:

  1. window -> close perspective. (i actually did close all perspectives in a fit of rage)
  2. window -> open perspective. (c/c++ in my case)
  3. window -> reset perspective.

btw, i'm running juno.


use ctl+f7 to cycle through the eclipse views, select one that is on the hidden detached view group, then press alt+<space>, m and use the keyboard arrows to position this window onto your active screen.


i managed to return my gone view without resetting the perspective!
i opened workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.e4.workbench/workbench.xmi, searched for "outline" there (the view was outline) and found it (precisely org.eclipse.ui.views.contentoutline) inside a children tag which had an attribute visible="false". i removed that attribute and also <tags>minimized</tags> inside the children tag, saved the file, started eclipse, and that was it, my view returned!

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