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bug 58945: ctabfolder should support multi row and vertical style options, opened since 2004! (other bugs exist on the same topic)
(update feb. 2017: it seems to be assigned, with oxygen 4.7 as target!
thank you specializt for mentioning that in the comments)

ctrl+f6 is one workaround for now.

other "workarounds" are listed in this thread:

  • turn on the "close editors automatically" option (preferences > general > editors), which will close editors automatically when the limit is reached an a new editor is to be opened.
  • make use of multiple windows each with a set of editors for areas you are editing or browsing or searching
  • ctrl+shift+w to close all tabs quickly

as mention by big chair in the comments:

someone made a workaround here: "eclipse multiple tab rows"

wes explains:

i've discovered that while it is true that you cannot have multiple rows of tabs for the same code-space, it is possible to have multiple rows of tabs showing on your window at the same time:

to accomplish this, simply drag a tab up to your title bar and release. it will create another row of tabs.


as far as i know, there is neither such setting nor plug-in (at least freely available). but if there is, i'd like to be corrected.


the open-editor plugin does it. but it has issue.


i found this plugin, which lists all open windows in a separate tab, and lets you open windows with a single click:


ctrl+shift+e gives a nice dialog with all open windows. ctrl+e gives the "quick" version of this dialog.

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