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i fixed this problem by following the solution to this other stackoverflow question

i had the same problem. i fixed it by adding the maven archetype catalog to eclipse. steps are provided below: (please note the https protocol)

  1. open window > preferences
  2. open maven > archetypes
  3. click 'add remote catalog' and add the following:


you will need to install the m2eclipse or any other maven plugin in your eclipse. some eclipse come with maven and its plugins installed. otherwise go to help->software install, select all sites, filter list with maven, and then install the plugin. then look at this link. hope it helps.


first things first, you have to install maven on your workstation. you need also to install m2e, what you obviously did. not all distributions of juno have it pre-installed.

then configure your eclipse so it can find your maven install. in the menu window -> preferences, then open the maven section. in your right panel, you have a list of the maven installations eclipse knows. add your installation and select it instead of the embedded maven provided with m2e. don't forget to set the "global settings from installation directory" field with the path to the settings.xml of your maven installation.

which leads us to the settings.xml. if the above doesn't solve your problem, you will have to configure your maven. more infos here.


i was getting similar error while creating web-app in eclipse and resolved the problem just by cleaning (deleting all files from) and rebuilding the maven repository


it is also possible that your settings.xml file defined in maven/conf folder defines a location that it cannot access


this might sound silly, but make sure the "offline" checkbox in maven settings is unchecked. i was trying to create a project and got this error until i noticed the checkbox.


goto preferences: -> maven click 'add remote catalog' file: desc: catalog


click windows-> preferences->maven. uncheck "offline" check box. this was not able to download archetype which i was using. when i uncheck it, everything worked smooth.


i find it solution

we can see the origin of the problem : connection refused: connect

i have already do this :

1) window -> preferences -> general -> network connections. i put in manual with the url and port of my proxy for http protocol. it works because before this, spring tool suite did not want to update. after, it's okay.

2) window -> preferences -> maven -> user settings. in global settings, is empty. in user settings, i put the path to settings.xml. in this file, i have :

enter image description here


you can resolve it by configuring settings.xml in eclipse.

go to window --> preferences --> maven --> user settings --> select the actual path of settings.xml


add your maven_home environment variable, edit your path to include %maven_home%/bin then try creating the project manually with maven:

mvn archetype:generate -dgroupid=com.program -dartifactid=program -darchetypeartifactid=maven-archetype-webapp -dinteractivemode=false

then import the existing maven project to eclipse.


i found the easiest way was to just remove/delete the .m2 folder and recreate it, putting back your settings.xml configuration details(if applicable).


adding the following inside "mirrors" section in the user setting.xml file worked for me.



assuming that you have your proxy settings correct, you may have missed out pointing eclipse to the intended settings.xml file. this happens often when you have both maven installed as a snap in, and an external installation outside eclipse. you need to tell eclipse which maven installation it should use, and which settings.xml file it should be looking for.

first check that the settings.xml file contains your proxy settings.

enter image description here

next, check that the user settings.xml file here contains your proxy settings.

enter image description here

if you have made any changes, restart eclipse.

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