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Not all view are listed directly in every perspective ... choose:

Window->Show View->Other...->Java->Package Explorer


You might be in debug mode. If this is the problem, you can simply click on the "Java" button (next to the "Debug" button) in the upper-right hand corner, or click on "Open Perspective" and then select "Java (default)" from the "Open Perspective" window.


Try this

Window > Show View > Package Explorer

it will display the hidden 'Package Explorer' on your eclipse IDE.

• 'Window' is in your Eclipse' menubar.


For Eclipse version 4.3.0.v20130605-2000. You can use the Java (default) perspective. In this perspective, it provides the Package Explorer view.

To use the Java (default) perspective: Window -> Open Perspective -> Other... -> Java (default) -> Ok

If you already use the Java (default) perspective but accidentally close the Package Explorer view, you can open it by; Window -> Show View -> Package Explorer (Alt+Shift+Q,P)

If the Package Explorer still doesn't appear in the Java (default) perspective, I suggest you to right-click on the Java (default) perspective button that is located in the top-right of the Eclipse IDE and then select Reset. The Java (default) perspective will show the Package Explorer view, Code pane, Outline view, Problems, JavaDoc and Declaration View.


Try Window > Open Perspective > Java Browsing or some other Java perspectives


The simplest, and best long-term solution

Go to the main menu on top of Eclipse and locate Window next to Run and expand it.

 Window->Reset Perspective... to restore all views to their defaults

It will reset the default setting.

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