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if you want two instances accessing two workspaces, just run a second copy of eclipse

if you want two windows accessing the same workspace, you can create a second window with window -> new window


as long as each project uses its own workspace, yes, you absolutely can. this assumes that your system has sufficient memory and cpu resources to accommodate multiple instances, of course. (i do it all the time!)


i was able to debug two simultaneous instances by copying the whole workspace folder and running a new copy of eclipse using that folder.


if you want to open different work spaces with different projects then window -> new editor; here you can open different work space with different project.


this is what i did.

  1. go to the folder from where eclipse is installed.
  2. click on eclipse application once.
  3. when it asks to select workspace, 1st go back to directory and click on eclipse application again. it will ask for another workspace selection dialog.
  4. now you can enter 2 different workspace and work simultaneously.

check the directory image here


yes, you can have two instances of eclipse running at the same time. however, they can't both access the same workspace at the same time. if you try to do this, the second instance will complain about it on startup and ask you to choose a different workspace.

also bear in mind that eclipse tends to be a very memory-hungry application. running two at once may put a significant strain on your system.


yes, you can. otherwise, no one could develop an eclipse plug-in.

you have to uncheck the default workspace on startup. you can't have two instances of eclipse referencing the same workspace.

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