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Column mode is in Eclipse 3.5. The linked site also contains a patch for 3.4.0 (only).


  • Press Alt + Shift + A
  • Observe that the screen zooms out
  • Make selection using the mouse
  • Press Alt + Shift + A to go back to the old mode.

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Use Ctrl+3 and write "block" in popup.

You can also use shortcut Alt+Shift+A. You can always see list of shortcuts with Ctrl+Shift+L. Block selection shortcut is on the bottom of this list.


If you are on a mac you can use option+command+A


Block selection is available since Eclipse 3.5.
You can toggle between standard and block selection using:

    Alt + Shift + A
    Opt + Cmd + A (on Mac)

or press Ctrl+3 (Cmd+3 on Mac), type "toggle block" and select Toggle Block Selection command.

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