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resolved issue by:

  1. going to project and selecting clean
  2. going to window>avd manager>delete and create a new avd
  3. relaunch application, emulator will take a few minutes to load.


clean the project and run on emulator with same api level.

if it still not resolves change once the api level of project and run on emulator with same api level.

in my case it runs ..........


it is easier. you just have to change the name of your virtual android device and then delete the one you do not charge and ready :)


got this problem. and found a way. when i do not change anything in configuration, but just starting emulator once again. you need to click "power" button in emulator and then close it. one annoying thing that happens after start from snapshot is - i need to click power button to be able to unlock emulator.


in my case, this error was shown when i plugged a device whose usb debug mode hadn't been enabled. so no device could be found and running the application caused this error message to show depending on my last run configuration.


its because of the process of exiting emulator not done properly. try finding the running emulator by

ps -ef |grep emulator

then it will list all the emulator tasks. try killing the running emulator by

kill -9

note: don't kill the following

user 0 11:27 pts/11 00:00:00 grep --color=auto emulator


please note : closing the emulator after the eclipse will cause this same error too. in that case there is no hardware change ofcourse but this error will show up:

unable to load vm from snapshot. the snapshot has been saved for a different hardware configuration.

so always close eclipse, before the emulator.


this is a known issue. hopefully it will be fixed in the next release of the android sdk but who knows? i think the solution from user1165694 is easier than the suggested solution on the issue.


in case anyone uses intellij, in order to disable snapshot do the following:

  1. open avd
  2. select your device and press start...
  3. uncheck launch snapshot


in my case, it seems due to the fact that i closed my avd between 2 launches of the same app, i got this error message at the second launch.

i didn't need to "clean" the project, just launched the avd manually using the avd manager, waited for it to boot and launched the app again once booting was completed. worked for me.


you may have been trying to start the emulator from avd before this, and from the command line now. most avds use arm instruction sets, so you may have to try something like:

emulator64-arm -avd <your avd label> -no-snapshot-load -no-snapshot-save


finally i got the solution follow these steps:

1)open avd manager
2)select the avd which is givin this err-"error: unable to load vm from snapshot. the snapshot has been saved for a different hardware configuration."
3)click on start
4)now uncheck these two options-"launch from snapshot" and "save snapshot"
5)now check "wipe user data"
6)start the avd now
7)as soon as the"android" is displayed, close the avd
8)now open avd manager again
9)uncheck "wipe user data"
10)check on these two options-"launch from snapshot" and "save snapshot"
11)now start the avd, it would be easily loaded from snapshots without errors


maybe try to disable the hardware snapshot in the android virtual device manager? it should be installed wherever you installed the android sdk.

enter link description here


go to window-> android virtual device manager, choose your virtual device and disable the launch from snapshot and keep save to snapshot option and click launch.


i had the same issue as timmmm, nothing would resolve it.

through the command line emulator.exe -avd avdname -snapshot default-boot gives me that same error. but i also noticed that it launches from the gui just fine.

i went into the c:\users\uname\.android\avd\the_avd\ and deleted the snapshots.img.default-boot snapshot and the snapshots iso file.

it's easier than recreating the machine, but deletes your snapshot(s), and then you can use it again like normal.


to remove the list of stored snapshots in your system:

rm ~/.android/avd/[your_avd_name]/snapshots.img*


the problem isn't with your app, it is with the saved avd snapshot. the avd configuration has been edited since you last ran it successfully. even changing skin/display resolution will produce this error. you could either:

  1. change the avd configuration back to how it was originally.
  2. edit the avd to disable the snapshot. or
  3. when you next start the avd, uncheck the launch with snapshot, but keep save snapshot checked. this way the snapshot will be ignored at start-up, but overwritten when you exit. you will then be able to use snapshot for subsequent runs as before.

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