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this is caused by incomplete/messy upgrade to latest version which results in dx.jar missing from {android sdk dir}\platform-tools\lib\.


find your latest dx.jar in {android sdk dir}\platforms\*

and copy it to:

{android sdk dir}\platform-tools\lib\

restart eclipse, clean your project and everything should work as expected.

(if platform-tools\lib directory is missing entirely you will have to reinstall "android sdk platform-tools" using sdk manager. after reinstall dx.jar should be in there so no copying will be needed)

if you can't find dx.jar in any of {android sdk dir}\platforms\* subdirs you will have to start sdk manager and install android 1.6 sdk.

for example on my machine latest was in {android sdk dir}\platforms\android-4\tools\lib\. (i did not find any newer version as of 2012-01-22 android sdk r15).

i really hope that this is useful for someone because i've wasted half a day investigating and looking for solution of such a trivial bug... :-(


unzip the updated android sdk in your current sdk folder. this solved my problem.


it's work for me do this

delete "26.0.0" in "build-tools" directory use "25.0.2" instead restart eclipse


updating android sdk platform-tools with the android sdk manager and restarting eclipse did it for me


if you have updated the adt tools and also sdk platform and you see the above error, restart eclipse.


try using eclipse indigo: and follow the instructions on how to install android adt from:


windows 7 64 bit, intel i7

this happened to me as well after i updated the sdk to be jelly bean compatible. the folder platform-tools\lib was gone. i also wasn't able to uninstall/reinstall the program-tools in the sdk manager at first. it gave me the error that a particular file in the android\temp folder was not there. i had to change the permissions on the android folder to allow every action, and that solved it.


even after reinstalling "android sdk platform-tools" in my ubuntu-16.04 lts problem persisted. i am using eclipse-oxygen. copying dx.jar from /build-tools/25.0.3/lib into /build-tools/26.0.0-preview/lib solved my problem.


i haven't seen this specific problem, but you may get better results with eclipse helios or indigo. galileo is getting old and is unlikely to be tested as much as the more recent eclipse platforms.


sometimes you need just to restart eclipse after the update, it worked for me to fix that error


also, make sure that the version of the adt is supported by the androidsdktools. that fixed my problem. in the sdk manager, file->reload will lead to the latest revisions.


it happened to me, either, and it happens because i've changed to win7, and install the latest adt to eclipse, but i used my old android sdk. finally, i fix this problem by updating my android sdk to the latest version.


for me, eclipse was looking in the wrong place for the sdk manager. to fix this i did

  • window/ preferences/ android/ sdk location

note: the sdk manager tells you what dir it is using near the top of the ui.

i had installed a new version of eclipse that has the adt bundled up from the android developer site, but when i opened eclipse it was looking at the old sdk.exe location.



i was running eclipse neon.2 and the android sdk build-tools + platform-tools version 26 on mac os 10.12.4 and none of the above answers (including the accepted answer) worked for me.

what did work was to

  1. quit eclipse

  2. remove the folder <android-sdk>/build-tools/26.0.0 and to install the (older) version 25.0.3 of the build tools through the android sdk manager.

  3. start eclipse again


i had this problem in eclipse since i upgraded from build-tools 25.0.0 to 26.0.0

i just add "sdk.buildtools=25.0.0" in my and it works again




i just encountered the same problem yesterday, in eclipse of neon release (4.6.0).

it's a compatible issue related to 26.0.0 of android-sdk "build-tools".

simple solution:

  • delete "26.0.0" in "build-tools" directory
  • use "25.0.2" instead
  • restart eclipse

other solution:

  • add this in the of your project:

good luck!


platform-tools\lib folder was missing after upgrade (my eclipse was open). close eclipse, using sdk manager uninstall and install "android sdk platform-tools".

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