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the way i solved this was:

  1. i checked where the existing external jars were located. (in web app libraries, which translated to a certain directory in the file system.)

  2. add the new library jar to this directory.

  3. hit refresh in the project explore on web app libraries. (important!)

now eclipse knows about the new org.json library and you can use in imports.


in my situation, i got some jar files in e:\repository

in eclipse, i choose "window" -> "preferences" -> search for "plat" and choose "target platform" -> select the current project and click "edit" -> "add" e:\repository

it is all set now, i'm able to use those jar files in my project


there are two possible option to add jars in eclipse project, in case if we are not using maven in our application.

i) project-> properties -> java build path -> libraries -> add external jars

ii) create folder in project with name libs and put all your jar files there, and then right click -> and select option "add to build path".

but it is always better to use any build tool, so it will do all housekeeping for you.


copy it into the project's web-inf/lib folder, so that it's there at development time and deployed at runtime.

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