clean eclipse cache by edit the eclipse.ini file located in your eclipse install directory and insert -clean as the first line.

or you can do this by making -clean key word as an argument.

don't forget to restore it. that would disable the useful osgi caching and increase eclipse startup time so make eclipse start in normal mode.


  1. into eclipse folder,search for "org.eclipse.recommenders.mylyn.rcp".

  2. find 2 files "org.eclipse.recommenders.mylyn.rcp.feature_2.3.0.v20160216-1255" and"org.eclipse.recommenders.mylyn.rcp_2.3.0.v20160216-1255.jar".

  3. cut to another folder .

  4. del "eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.update"

  5. restart eclipse.

  6. copy the 2 files back to the original folder . try again .


this error occurs if code recommenders cannot resolve its bundle that integrates with mylyn.

the most likely cause is that you somehow installed code recommender's mylyn completion but don't have (a compatible version of) mylyn installed.

do the following to remove the non-functional bundle:

go to help > about eclipse > installation details. in the installed software dialog, select the code recommenders mylyn integration entry, press uninstall... and follow the instructions.

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