use short usb cable. the shorter the length of cable, the more stable the adb connection. i had the same problem for long time. i changed the cable to shorter one and i haven't got that problem anymore.


i was having a very similar problem but using android studio on os x. by default android studio points to an sdk inside it's application bundle so i changed the sdk location setting to point to another version of the android sdk i had downloaded manually and this seems to have fixed the disconnection issues i was having.

instructions for changing the sdk location setting can be found in this answer.


my connected device (an acer) was working a treat until i rebooted my mac. after the reboot, eclipse dropped the connection every single time i ran the app. i tried two cables and every port in my imac but nothing worked. i had to disconnect and reconnect the device for every run (a real pain when debugging!).

what worked for me was to run the app. when the window appeared to choose the device to run on (which was empty), i disconnected then reconnected the device, but before clicking to run, i checked the box (bottom left) to use this device for each run. it now runs every time directly on the device.


a unpowered usb hub did fix the problem for me. it was happening on both my samsung s6 and my sony z5 premium.and both on my pc and my mac. (using android studio).


i experience that when my nexus7 2012 kept disconnecting; root cause was the usb3 connection. changing to a usb2 port fixed my issues; can you try switching to a lower speed port?


first thing i tend to try is the following commands in cmd/terminal

adb kill-server
adb start-server

and lastly,

adb devices

to check the device is connected.

following that i'd try restarting the device, and perhaps as a last resort uninstall/reinstall it's drivers.

edit: also, do you have access to another device? in the past i've had issues with specific devices constantly dropping out.

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