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linux / osx:


your project can exist outside the workspace, but all eclipse-specific metadata are stored in that org.eclipse.core.resources\.projects directory as noted in the comments by tk421storm, and in jeegar patel's answer:

in order for manual changes to take effect, make sure to do file -> refresh afterwards.


you can also have several workspaces - so you can connect to one and have set "a" of projects - and then connect to a different set when ever you like.


in linux after deleting


does not worked.

after that i have done file->refresh

then it cleared all old project listed from eclipse.


if you are using perforce (imported the project as a perforce project), then .cproject and .project will be located under the root of the perforce project, not on the workspace folder.

hope this helps :)


in eclipse 3.3:

it's installed under your eclipse workspace. something like:


within your workspace folder.

under that folder is one folder per project. there's a file in there called .location, but it's binary.

so it looks like you can't do what you want, without interacting w/ eclipse programmatically.


in mac os x, it is under


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