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this is a fairly comprehensive list from the eclipse documentation. if anyone knows of another list — maybe with more details, or just the most common icons — feel free to add it.

latest: jdt icons

2019-06: jdt icons

2019-03: jdt icons

2018-12: jdt icons

2018-09: jdt icons

photon: jdt icons

oxygen: jdt icons

neon: jdt icons

mars: jdt icons

luna: jdt icons

kepler: jdt icons

juno: jdt icons

indigo: jdt icons

helios: jdt icons

there are also some cdt icons at the bottom of this help page.

if you're a subversion user, the icons you're looking for may actually belong to subclipse; see this excellent answer for more on those.


in eclipse help documentation, we can all icons information as follows. common path for all eclipse versions except eclipse version:

enter image description here


i can't find a way to create a table with icons in so, so i am uploading 2 images. objects icons

decorator icons

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