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google response:

this is a packaging bug. the entire proguard file is missing. we'll have an update asap, but until then just copy it over from a previous version of the tools:

and copy over the following files:

  • tools/hprof-conv
  • tools/support/annotations.jar
  • tools/proguard

so at the end if you started from a new adt copy by hand the files :)

edit: with the latest adt release, the bundle should now work with auto-update, so install these new versions:

don't try to upgrade from previous version because it doesn’t work at all. if you have got problems with zipalign, it's now under build-tools and no more under tools/ so you can do a symbolic link or just copy it into the expected folder.


there is a new update available.

  • update your android sdk tool to 23.0.1
  • update your eclipse. go to help -> check for update
  • then restart your eclipse

this will fix the empty src & layout issue.

enter image description here


after hours of struggling with this issue i finally decided to get rid of the update. i'm posting this just in case you want to go back to version 22.6.2:

  1. open the sdk manager
  2. leave everything unchecked but the first option (the one with adt version 23)
  3. delete that package
  4. restart eclipse

hope this helps


download the adt v23 plugin from google and install it as local archive from the downloaded zip file in eclipse.


i have followed instructions found here and tried to fix my old eclipse + sdk + adt, but with no luck. the basic problem keeps beeing the same; i still get the error message:

this android sdk requires android developer toolkit version 23.0.0 or above. current version is 22.6.3.v201404151837-1123206. please update adt to the latest version.

but my eclipse can't find updates and can't install adt 23 as new software. so i can't compile my old project in my workspace.

i tested a fresh eclipode bundle for windows 8, followed instructions found from android's developers page, step by step, and it worked fine. so it seems that the windows eclipse build is not broken. but i wan't use my linux installation, my old ubuntu 10. it seems obvious, that to getting the linux eclipse environment working again, i must install a new eclipse bundle, my old eclipse won't ever see updates for adt 23 to get things working. again, these intructions are for linux developers that wan't to get their old workspace projects working again without changes in the developing environment, except you must install a new eclipse bundle, but after that your projects will work as well as before the version 23 sdk/adt-mess.

  1. if you are an android developer you want to be sure, that you developing environment won't be messed up. backup:
    • ~./android (here are your developer keys)
    • your old sdk dirrectory
    • your workspace
  2. download the eclipse bundle, get the android sdk.
  3. follow instructions, create directory ~/development and unzip bundle there. you get eclipse and sdk directories.
  4. start eclipse from that directory
  5. eclipse asks for a workspace. you can give it the old one.
  6. in eclipse settings set sdk as downloaded sdk.
  7. start android sdk manager and download tools, android versions you use and extras said in the android developer tool page instructions
  8. you should now be ready to compile your old projects again, but for me it was not that simple. my old projects had errors. so open problems windows and you get to know that annotation.jar is missing. so you must copy annotations.jar from your old sdk, from, the backup you made, or from the older explained in this thread to <new sdk>/tools/support/annotations.jar

after that i could use my old workspace in ubuntu and compile and launch applications to android devices. it was that simple. thanks google ;-(


there are many possible answers to this question. i think it all depends on what your environment and installation procedure is. i'm running into the same issue as stated multiple times above. i cannot install adt 23 because of a conflict dependency.

this is my environment:

i'm running windows 7 64-bit with eclipse 4.2.2. i installed adt through menu helpinstall new software.

my solution:

menu helpabout eclipseuninstall → all_android. then i simply installed each of the adt 23 tools through the "install new software".

note: this is with the latest adt release.


it's working to uninstall the old files, but you don't have to restart eclipse. after the uninstall process, install the new software and then restart eclipse.

it was quite simple and works for me.


  • i solved these problem by deleting the adt bundle which was showing an error.

  • then i extracted the new adt bundle to solve these problems. after that, i just updated the android 4.4.2(api 19) in android sdk manager.

  • you are getting these errors because of updating the android sdk tools 22.6.2. below i show the screenshot of it.

    enter image description here

  • install everything as shown in the screenshot itself. then these problems will not occur again.


the answers already provided display how much the solution depends on your particular environment. i initially tried upgrading a windows 8.1 machine; when that failed i tried upgrading a vista pc. when that failed, i tried android studio on the win 8.1. the problems that we all are encountering are resulting in different solutions because of version conflicts between o/s, eclipse, java and, of course, the google debacle.

here's what i did: i gave up on the bundle. for vista i installed eclipse 4.3.2 (kepler) and downloaded the sdk installer which loaded 23.0.2. already had jdk1.6 installed. only gotcha left was to use the sdk manager to download my minimum platform (api 8) - v20 isn't that far backward compatible. but at least now i am not totally dead in the water.

for windows 8.1 android studio seemed to install. but when i tried to install my project, it stopped when it complained that google-play-services_lib was not included. i had not been using it, so it appears this is a requirement of android studio. really?

so i went back to eclipse. i had installed luna and jdk8u5 but then tried to revert to what worked for vista. jdk1.6 is not available from oracle so i had to download 1.7 and hope. downloaded the sdk which again got 23.0.2. so far so good.

problem then was installer-r23.0.2-windows apparently is hardwired to find jdk at 'c:\windows\system32\java.exe':[2]. i set the path to jdk1.7.0_65\bin and set java_home environment variable to it also. neither worked. installer still choked on java8 in windows\system32.

so i renamed c:\windows\system32\java.exe to disable it and the installer-r23 found c:\program files\java\jre8\bin\java.exe. the installer completed successfully. why it didn't like the same file (v8.0.5.13) in windows\system 32 is a mystery to me but maybe a clue to someone.

still had to download api 8, but i thought i was operational on the 8.1 machine too.

except for getting eclipse to recognize my motorola razrm as a usb-attached device. that required going to the win8.1 devicemanager and updating the mot composite adb interface in adb interface. that required a download of the motorola device manager. still the phone did not appear in the eclipse devices view. it was waiting for a new confirmation on the phone that apparently has been added to the latest adt. while i needed to upgrade the driver on my samsung 10.1 tablet, it had not added the connection request confirmation.

finally, the nightmares were over. my biggest problem appears to have been leaping to the latest versions - and then trying to regress when 23.0 broke. i think i learned a hard lesson. but, really, does it have to be this hard???

hope this helps.


complete procedure to download adt, configure it in eclipse, and fixing dependency issues:

download adt:

  1. open this link:

  2. download which is the latest version to a zip folder and don't unzip it.

configure adt in eclipse:

  1. open eclipse → go to menu helpinstall new software...
  2. click on add.. button on the right.
  3. the add repository dialog will open.
  4. in name: write adt plugin
  5. in location: enter path of the adt zipped folder which you have downloaded by clicking on archive.. button.

**an error may come as duplicate location. to solve it, follow the below steps:

1.1 close the current dialog box.

1.2 click on available software sites link, and select the entry which has the same location as you have added the zipped file or adt plugin entry. after selecting, remove it.

1.3 then again, come to the previous add... dialog.

1.4 again, add name and location in the add repository dialog box.

select all the options in development tools and click on next to install the adt completely.

fixing dependency issues in adt: after all the above steps, dependency issues may come. to solve it, follow the following steps:

  1. click on already installed in the install dialog box.

  2. click on installed software tab, and now select all the development tools of the previous version looking at versions and uninstall them.

now all the issues of dependency issues would evaporate and follow the next, next wizard to install:)

all the best. it will definitely help.


this worked for me. i kept upgrading to version 23.02 (or 23.03 if presented) using a new install of adt bundle, and migrating the your original workspace across and add the patches. this is the procedure for adt bundle only.

(backup your workspace first)

1/ install latest adt bundle from google. (for some reason using googles download page just goes around in a loop on chrome!?!)

2/ download the patch from here:

3/ apply the patch as per googles (poorly described) instructions

...and copy over the following files:


which means => copy the file only of tools/hprof-conv
which means => copy the file only of tools/support/annotations.jar
which means => copy the directory and all contents for tools/proguard

3/ point your old workspace to the new install on startup. (projects will still come up with errors, don't worry)

4/ select help-> install new software, select update site, and select version 23.03 when prompted.

  • check the update sites, and edit the one for google from https => http like this: change to "http". this seems to make eclipse updater build a new update profile that avoided download errors. you might also get "unsigned" prompt warning prompts from windoze but just "allow access" to prevent blocking.

5/ if you still get errors on references to "android.r", this is because you may not have the appropriate "platform build tools". check the "android sdk manager" for which build tools you have like this: enter image description here also check your "android" build for the project to make sure you have the compatible android api.

version 23.02 should be downloaded, and your projects should now compile.

google have abandoned all the ui trimmings for eclipse adt (ie you'll see the juno splash). i thought this would be a problem but it seems ok. i think it shows how desperate google were to get the fix out. given that android studio is not far away google don't want invest any more time into adt. i suppose this is what you get with "free" software. hopefully the adults are back in charge now, and google studio won't be such a disaster.


based on win7. eclipse version: 4.2.2 build id: m20130204-1200

for those who broke eclipse after trying to uninstall adt plugin.

you need to remove all android folder/jars from plugin folder and features folder.

then check your config.ini in /configuration. probably you have these lines:




change them like this:


maybe needed to run your eclipse from command line:

eclipsec.exe -clean.

then i could install the newest adt plugin, without needing to download whole eclipse packages and loosing all configuration/plugins.


the prefect answers is. enter the follow path,copy all of them macintosh hd ▸ 应用程序 ▸ adt-bundle-mac ▸ sdk ▸ platform-tools then parse into macintosh hd ▸ 应用程序 ▸ adt-bundle-mac ▸ sdk ▸ tools, last,edit the line plugin.version=23.0.0 of file macintosh hd ▸ 应用程序 ▸ adt-bundle-mac ▸ sdk ▸ tools ▸plugin.prop ,such as plugin.version=21.0.0. restart eclipse.everything is all-right.


for me it helped to delete android 4.4w which is also api 20 and might be a cause for the conflict. so only install android 4.4w or android l until they fix it.

and (again this might only be for me) it only works in android studio not in eclipse ...


i had to delete adt and install it again.

however be warned, this caused me and one other person to have an annotations.jar missing errors in the java build path for certain projects, probably because it was trying to look for an old sdk, so upgrading projects is the next step i have to take.

the errors relate to libraries mostly, google play services, facebook sdk, actionbarcompat.

for this step, you uninstall adt, then put the url back in to download them. the url is:


i found a solution for the problem with "conflicting dependency". i don't have the same page of daniel díaz's response, but a page show "conflicting dependency", and i can't make anything.

the problem is that i'm not the owner of the file. eclipse was installed in other session (on os x). i have the right to read and write the eclipse file, but i'm not the owner. make a "chown" command on all eclipse files to solve the problem. after, i have the same result as daniel diaz.

i hope this helps someone.


if eclipse gives an error after uninstalling the adt plugin from your eclipse installation, try to edit file config.ini in the eclipse folder → configuration. find:


and change it to:


i hope it works for you too.



there is now an update for adt 23.0.1, but the windows and linux scripts are messed up, so wait with the upgrade!

you could check for example tools/proguard/bin/*.sh in


i simply went to my android resources folder on my c:/ drive (c:/android), deleted the 'eclipse' folder and all its contents. i downloaded android developer tools once more and just moved over the 'eclipse' folder.

i started up and everything was fine; i had updated to version 23.

hopefully this helps, possibly not suitable for everyone as some of you have eclipse modifications but for someone who, like me, wanted a quick fix and get back to developing this seemed to be the easiest path.


i am using eclipse v4.3 (kepler), and this is how i solved my problem.

goto menu helpinstall new software → click add.

in the popup, give any name (i named it as eclipse adt plugin), and in the link's place, use

once you click ok, you will be displayed with new packages that will be installed and old packages that will be deleted. don't worry about these packages. click ok.

new packages will be installed, and this should solve your problem.


solution, see:

this solution is the correct way of how you should change the files and keep your eclipse adt and not downloading a new one.


i did this to solve the same issue (in os x):

  1. help > install new software > add or select this repository ""
  2. under "eclipse platform" select the newest version of eclipse.
  3. the installer will ask if you want to uninstall the adt, click finish.
  4. restart eclipse and install only the adt 23 using this repository:
  5. restart eclipse and install ddms, hierarchy viewer, trace view etc.
  6. restart eclipse again.

hope it helps.


on adt-bundled eclipse i had to first uninstall the adt and then do a fresh install.

to remove the adt plugin from eclipse:

  • go to menu helpabout eclipseinstallation details.
  • select adt plug-in, then click uninstall.
  • after uninstallation install adt from help → install new software.


what i have just found is that you need to update your adt plugin in your eclipse (whether stand alone or adt bundle) before updating your build tool.

if your eclipse installation points to the most recent build tool and your eclipse is having adt 22.x, it will show those errors.

what worked for me: (on ubuntu 14.04 64-bit)

  • installed an older version of eclipse and adt (from the bundle)
  • this copy of eclipse was pointing to an older sdk verion with old build tools (before 20)
  • updated the adt to v23 (via archive, in my case)
  • pointed eclipse to the latest version of build tools.

you may not have an older copy of eclipse and build tools, in that case you can uninstall latest build tool from sdk manager and install the older copy.
once everything starts working fine, do the above steps.

i am trying to upload older copies of such bundles somewhere on the internet, will update the links here, once i am done uploading.


i found these instructions in a comment.

download the newest version of adt and use your existing workspace. this is actually the least pain-full upgrade you'll ever do. it didn't mess with the .android folder so i still had my original debug key. only things missing were a couple of add ons i hardly ever use and they are easily installed into the new version.

note don't install into your existing adt folder create a new folder so you can still fall back if the new install doesn't work.


i was getting the same "conflicting dependency" error on mac os x 10.9.3 and simply upgrading was not an option. what finally worked was downloading the latest eclipse adt bundle zip file from, extracting it and moving only "eclipse" folder to the place where my old eclipse folder was. (extracting the eclipse adt bundle zip file will give you "eclipse" and "sdk" folders).

if you decide to go the same route, first make sure you know what your workspace path is. this can be found in preferences. then rename your old "eclipse" directory (not to something like eclipse-22.6.3, then move extracted "eclipse" folder into its place. run new inside, and when it asks you about workspace, just enter the same path as you noted above. or it can also be set later in preferences.

maybe worth adding is that to re-enable android sdk manager and android virtual device manager choose window -> customize perspective -> command groups availability and select android sdk and avd manager. this will add these 2 items to the "window" menu item for the current perspective (java).

i didn't move the extracted "sdk" folder, because i already had sdk folder in the same directory as eclipse, which i have already updated to the latest android tools. but if it makes you feel safer, you can also rename your old sdk folder (for backup purposes) and move the freshly extracted one into its place.


i faced the same problem and solved it. you need to uninstall the android plugin entirely from within eclipse (from the "about" section..), including trace view..

then added the adt plugin again ( and install it.

the problem is solved!

i guess it's a bug with the sdk manager or adt plugin update mechanism...


how to update from 22.xx.x to 23.0.2 (my solution). this will beat the dependency issues.

i was suffering from this issue for days, and i have tried every single solution on this link, but no luck. i finally figured out a solution that actually works!

please note that this solution works in windows 7 (64 bit). it should probably work for other windows operating systems.

here we go:

  1. download the latest adt bundle from

  2. unzip it and open "eclipse" folder --> "plugins" folder

  3. now go to your old eclipse and open "eclipse" folder --> "plugins" folder, and copy everything inside.

  4. now paste them into the "plugins" folder of the (new eclipse), but do not overwrite anything.

  5. while inside of the "plugins" folder of your new eclipse, do the search. type in 22. (notice 22 with a dot) and hit enter.

  6. the search result will show up all the files or folders with .....22.6...... for example,**22.6.2**.v201403212031-1085508
  7. highlight all of these files/folders and hit delete key.

  8. make sure to update your old api/sdk to the latest version and load this sdk directory to work with your new eclipse.


you can watch this video, which shows you how to move all your sdk/api to your new sdk folder.


i have not tried to update from any other adt versions, but i think it should work for any old adt versions too.

don't forget to backup stuff before attempting.


there is no way to update an existing adt bundle that you might have downloaded.

you can do one of two options:

  1. install eclipse from and install adt by pointing to the update site:

  2. download bundles from:

starting with adt bundle 23.0.2, you should be able to update to future versions of adt.


after trying the approaches in other answers without success, i just installed a new bundle from and that worked fine.

do the following:

  1. as you don't want to re-download all the platforms again, copy the existing one from /old_android_sdk_path/sdk/platforms to /new_android_sdk_path/sdk/platforms.
  2. when opening the new eclipse from the recent downloaded bundle, make sure you reuse the previous 'workspace' folder. that will ensure that all your previous settings will be remembered.
  3. after opening the new eclipse on the previous workspace, please check if the used android sdk is pointing to the new one (eclipse preferences -> android). it might be pointing to the old one, as you've reused the previews workspace settings.

with these steps, you should't have to reconfigure everything, and you won't need to spend time troubleshooting this bug on this upgrade from google developers.

good luck! ;-)


you need to uninstall the old version and install 23

uninstall: help > about eclipse sdk > installation details select android related packages to uninstall

and then install v23.


do not do this

warning: please see the comments below this answer. these steps have had a negative impact for many people.

  1. click help / install new software...
  2. click on what is "already installed" (as in picture below)
  3. in the new window you can uninstall the old adt (uninstall android development tools, android ddms, android hierarchy viewer, android traceview, android native development tools and tracer for opengl es)
  4. restart eclipse
  5. then again click on help / install new software
  6. choose adt... install

i hope it helps!

picture demonstration


  • just uninstall the previous adt.
  • go to menu helpabout eclipseinstallation details
  • uninstall all plugins which id start with
  • install adt again from the update site.


if you install a new eclipse version it will work. here's what i did:

  1. installed the new eclipse version, luna
  2. made a backup of the current workspace.
  3. ran the new eclipse, luna, and updated the workspace
  4. installed the adt plugin (help -> install new software)
  5. restarted eclipse
  6. done


there is a lot of confusion going around in this thread. there are two solutions depending on how you installed adt.

  1. if you installed the adt plugin manually then i believe you can use the "delete adt" -> "install new software" approach.

  2. if you are using the adt bundle then do not follow that solution! you will break eclipse. here is an update from a google member - read #18:

you must download a new version of the adt-bundle (yep, it's frustrating!).


only helped:

  1. fresh eclipse installation (
  2. help --> install new software -->


i have done following to resolve an issue.

  1. go to and download the latest adt zip file (at the bottom of page).

  2. go to eclipse → menu helpabout eclipseinstallation details

  3. delete android ddm, android development tools, hierarchy viewer, native development tools, traceview, etc., 22.x version.

  4. menu help* → install new softwareaddarchive → *select the downloaded zip file in step 1.

  5. select all the latest version of all 23 which i have deleted in step 3 and accept the license agreement.

restart eclipse, and it fixes my issue.


is what they are saying about this:

ok, guys, sorry about all this trouble, and we apologize for the messed up releases. here's the summary:

starting with adt bundle 23.0.2, you should be able to update to future versions of adt.



it works for me :)

if for some reason you installed an adt preview and need to revert back to the current stable, you can't use the dialog to install "new" software since what you want is actually an older one. instead do this:

  • open help > about eclipse... on windows or linux. on mac, use the app's menu > about...
  • click the "installation details" button.
  • select the "installation history" tab.
  • select one of the previous configurations.
  • click the "revert" button at the bottom.

enter image description here


i was updating my build server today and came across the same issue. it has been reported here:

the fix is in progress and the work around according to the project manager is:

please wait for an updated version within a day or two. until then, your workaround is to do download one of

and copy over the following files:


[edit] zipalign was missing for me too, check to see if you need to copy this as well


note: use this approach with caution because this might break your eclipse installation (see comments).

this might help you if you installed the adt plugin manually. but if you are using the version of eclipse from the eclipse adt bundle the below steps could break your eclipse installation, and you may not be able to use eclipse again!

go to

menu helpabout eclipse sdkinstallation details.

now you will see all 22.0 versions and then click uninstall button at bottom.

after uninstallation goto:

menu helpinstall new software → enter

then install all the things, and now it is ready.


none of the other answers worked for me using the adt bundle published on

i ended up downloading the latest version of eclipse (not the adt bundle) and then installing the adt plugin via menu helpinstall new software → entering (mentioned by @red_).

i also had to update my workspace to point to my previous workspace, and most things seemed to be restored.

on a side note: this seems like a good time to migrate to android studio...


google has released adt v23.0.2. this solved many problems of previous adt version 23.


  • menu help → install new software...
  • for "work with", select the android source work with android source
  • tick adt v23.0 for installation, then click "next"
  • eclipse will show "install remediation page" since there is conflict with previous version. (if it does not, see below.) select "update my installation to be compatible with items being installed" to uninstall the old version and install the new one. after that, proceed with the usual steps.

install remediation page

note: when i installed the new version of adt, i didn't include the new version of "android native development tools" package. instead, i installed the rest of packages first, and then installed "android native development tools". for a reason, if i try to install all the new packages including "android native development tools", the installation fails.

if there is no "remediation page", the only way to remove the adt plugin from eclipse is to go to menu helpabout eclipseinstallation details and uninstall from there. but there is a risk of uninstalling eclipse itself.

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