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it's not a perfect fix, but you can copy existing workspace preferences into any workspace. i keep a separate .epf (eclipse preferences file, i guess) that i just import into every new workspace i create:

file → import... → general → preferences → next > from preference file




if you are writing java code, window -> preferences -> java -> jdt spelling


there are some ways for sharing preferences, but it doesn't come with the platform. the one i use is now available as an attachment to or more particular as attachment

install into your eclipse. then you can export selected preferences to an .epf file. also add a preference (!) in preferences > general > common preferences which will share your settings across newly created workspaces.

i use this all the time and though it is not perfect, it does save a lot of effort in keeping my preferences aligned across workspaces.


preferences->general->editors->text editors->spelling uncheck the box "enable spell checking"

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