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some plugins allow controlling their load-on-startup behavior. these will be listed in the preferences, under general → startup and shutdown. if the plugin provides view, you will need to close those views (in all perspectives) for this to work.

startup and shutdown


as mentioned in bug 224145#c34,

i don't see any way to enable stuff except for what is in the p2 ui. and i see no update stuff there at all - not even in the list of things to install.

p2 don't even seem to have enable/disable functionality, only install/uninstall.

in other world, in the p2 universe (since eclipse 3.4), there doesn't seem to be a "disable" process, and the word was not used in the ganymede plan or galileo plan.


first enable classic update in preference under :

general > capabilities, then go to help > software updates > manage configuration to disable it.

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this and this link can help you.

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