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i just checked this on my eclipse 3.6 install: hold control (command on mac), hover over the method name and select "open implementation".

you may assign a keyboard shortcut to this action by using window > preferences > general > keys and searching for "open implementation".


in the keymap (general > keys) search for "open implementation" and map it to whatever you want. i chose ctrl + shift + i. make sure you select "editing java source" in the when box. i tested it, and having the cursor over the method name and pressing ctrl + shift + i took me directly to the implementation instead of showing the hierarchy that you get with ctrl + t.

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also you can see an answer to a nearly identical question for other options:


f3 is the typical "go to implementation". for interfaces that go to the interface definition.

instead use ctrl + t to see all implementations of the interface definition. you can then easily go to the one you want with the arrow keys and enter. i believe that the first one is automatically selected so that ctrl-t + enter will do what you need.

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