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in eclipse:

window -> preferences -> android -> lint error checking.

in the list find an entry with id = protectedpermission. set the severity to something lower than error. this way you can still compile the project using eclipse.

in android studio:

file -> settings -> editor -> inspections

under android lint, locate using system app permission. either uncheck the checkbox or choose a severity lower than error.


preferences --> editoreditor --> inspections --> android lint --> uncheck item using system app permissio


when your add permission in manifest then in eclipse go to project and clic

  1. click on project
  2. click on clean project that's all

k on clean project


path in android studio in mac:

android studio -> preferences -> editor -> inspections

expand android -> expand lint -> expand correctness

uncheck the checkbox for using system app permission

click on "apply" -> "ok"



try adding this attribute to that permission.


have same error from time to time (when i set install location to "prefer external" in manifest). just clean and rebuild project. works for me.


to ignore this error for one instance only, add the tools:ignore="protectedpermissions" attribute to your permission declaration. here is an example:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.read_privileged_phone_state"
    tools:ignore="protectedpermissions" />

you have to add tools namespace in the manifest root element

<manifest xmlns:android=""

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