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right click on the eclipse project in the package explorer, select refactor, then select move... in the dialog that comes up, enter or navigate to the new location and click ok. this will also preserve your cvs or other scm metadata, but will also bring all your modifications as well, and you won't lose any memberships in working sets, launch configurations, or other things that eclipse associates with your project.


for eclipse oxygen

project properties -> resource -> linked resources -> linked resources (tab)


for eclipse oxygen, to move a java project, djb's accepted answer works well (in my experience just now), except having read comment by basic may 14 '12 at 9:27, i tried to add my project xmldiff to c:...\svn\trunk\internal projects, and i got a failure with the rather cryptic message:

problems encountered while moving resources.

resource already exists on disk.

i had to move the project to c:...\svn\trunk\internal projects\xmldiff by creating a new folder, xmldiff, in the browse dialog, and the result was c:...\svn\trunk\internal projects\xmldiff, not c:...\svn\trunk\internal projects\xmldiff\xmldiff.

so this must have changed between basic's experience in 2012 and eclipse.3.


i copied the whole project to a new directory. after setting eclipse to the new workspace it recognises the project instantly. thus it was nothing further to do. i use eclipse ide for c/c++ developers, version luna service release 2 (4.4.2).


right click on your project->copy.

right click in project explorer free space and right click->pase.

chose new folder and project name.


when everything else fails:

copying an eclipse project from one directory (let's call it old_dir) to another directory (let's call it new_dir):

  1. open eclipse and specify the copied working directory in your new_dir.

  2. once it opens the project in the this new_dir, the projects listed under project explorer tab might still be the ones contained in the old_dir (you can check it by right clicking each and following through: "resource -> linked resource" to see the path variables values). thus, they have to be removed from this work space. delete the nios 2 application project and the bsp project from the project explorer tab by right clicking on it and selecting delete option which will pop a new window. in the pop-up window, make sure that the delete project contents on disk check box is unchecked before clicking ok to delete the projects. otherwise, it will delete it from the old_dir where you copied the project from.

  3. right click in the project explorer tab area → import → general → existing projects into workspace and add the copied nios2 application project and the bsp project from the new_dir.

  4. right click in the project explorer tab area → index → rebuild, otherwise the nios2 application project will not be able to use the includes provided by the bsp project.

  5. click on project → clean → ok to clean and rebuild the whole project.

  6. when using console to talk to the nios, make sure elf's path is updated to the new project directory as well!


i rarely have any projects in eclipse that aren't under source control, so all i would need to do is check the project out in the new location.

if you don't have source control, eclipse works with cvs rather well out of the box, and it's pretty simple to setup cvs to run locally without a server:


i don't know whether eclipse has made modifs since the date of this post... in my case i had moved a project folder manually and i wanted eclipse to open the project on this new location. this is what i did (and it seems to work).

  • (i'm using eclipse "helios" v 3.6.2)

  • file menu | import ...

  • general | existing projects into workspace

  • select root directory = top directory of your project on the new location

  • finish


use eclipse's move menu item

open navigator view, right click on your project and click move. then select the destination directory.

navigator view > right click > move

note it doesn't seem to work in package explorer (at least not in neon). the move dialog from package explorer is different, so use the navigator window.

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