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for reference to add sql syntax highlighting / coloring to eclipse you can install data tools platform extender sdk from "install new software", under database development

or enter site location directly


just found dbeaver :

looks good, plenty of features, support mssql (which i need in the moment :) ... i'll give it a try ...


quantumdb is also a lightweight option that i really liked.


the eclipse sqlexplorer plugin seems light enough, and comes with a basic sql editor (but no "format" option):

alt text

the official dtp datatool project is much complete, but have also its own editor:

dtp editor


use toad eclipse-extension (community edition), you will get almost everything you want in an sql editor. search for 'toad' in eclipse market place. it has very good oracle, mysql and postgresql support.

take a look at installation instructions and screenshots.

alternatively, there is dbeaver (very good in my experience and support almost all db's) which is built on eclipse platform and available as standalone and eclipse plugin.


this eclipse sql editor seems very lightweight. it only does syntax highlighting and provides an outline view. as of now the author is planning to eventually add code folding and completion, but those two features are still on the todo list.

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