i use an eclipse plugin (in eclipse marketplace)


here's a quicker way than multi-layer menus without resorting to plug-ins:

use the quick access tool at the upper left corner.

type in "font", then, from the list that drops down, click on the link for "preferences->colors and fonts->general->appearance".

one click replaces the 4 needed to get there through menus. i do it so often, my quick access tool pulls it up as a previous choice right at the top of the list so i can just type "font" with a tap on the enter key and boom!, i'm there.

if you want a keyboard shortcut, ctrl+3 sets the focus to the quick access tool. better yet, this even automatically brings up a list with your previous choices. the last one you chose will be on top, in which case a simple ctrl+3 followed by enter would bring you straight there! i use this all the time to make it bigger during long typing or reading sessions to ease eye strain, or to make it smaller if i need more text on the screen at one time to make it easier to find something.

it's not quite as nice as zooming with the scroll wheel or with a simple ctrl+ or ctrl-, but it's a lot better than navigating through the menus every time!


found a great plugin that works in juno and kepler. it puts shortcuts on the quick access bar for increasing or decreasing text size.

install new software ->


in eclipse neon.3, as well as in the new eclipse photon (4.8.0), i can resize the font easily with ctrl + shift + + and -, without any plugin or special key binding.

at least in editor windows (this does not work in other views like console, project explorer etc).


oddly, working on a .js file and ctrl, shift, += works to zoom in (and ctrl - works to zoom out but you have to select 1 or 2 after ctrl -). this only works when i'm in the js file but the zoom applies to all my open tabs. using eclipse juno on ubuntu.


windows > preferences > general > appearance > colors and fonts

then, to change java editor font: java > java editor text font > edit

there it is.


the eclipse-fonts extension will add toolbar buttons and keyboard shortcuts for changing font size. you can then use autohotkey to make ctrl+mousewheel zoom.

under help | install new software... in the menu, paste the update url ( into the works with: text box and press enter. expand the tree and select fontsfeature as in the following image:

eclipse extension installation screen capture

complete the installation and restart eclipse, then you should see the a toolbar buttons (circled in red in the following image) and be able to use the keyboard shortcuts ctrl+- and ctrl+= to zoom (although you may have to unbind those keys from eclipse first).

eclipse screen capture with the font size toolbar buttons circled

to get ctrl+mousewheel zooming, you can use autohotkey with the following script:

; ctrl+mousewheel zooming in eclipse.
; requires eclipse-fonts (
; thank you for the unique window class, swt/eclipse.
#ifwinactive ahk_class swt_window0
    ^wheelup:: send ^{=}
    ^wheeldown:: send ^-


take a look at this project:

it has some other features, but most importantly, it has ctrl++ and ctrl+- to change the font size, it's awesome.


i know it has been long since the original question was posted, but for future reference: check this project, i have used it, and it's very simple and efficient.


eclipse neon (4.6)

zoom in




zoom out


this feature is described here:

in text editors, you can now use zoom in (ctrl++ or ctrl+=) and zoom out (ctrl+-) commands to increase and decrease the font size. like a change in the general > appearance > colors and fonts preference page, the commands persistently change the font size in all editors of the same type. if the editor type's font is configured to use a default font, then that default font will be zoomed.

so, the font size change is not limited to the current file and the new value of the font size is available here window > preferences > general > appearance > colors and fonts.

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