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here's what i do:

  • in the interface, move the cursor to the method name. press f4. => type hierarchy view appears
  • in the lower part of the view, the method should already be selected. in its toolbar, click "lock view and show members in hierarchy" (should be the leftmost toolbar icon).
  • in the upper part of the view, you can browse through all implementations of the method.

the procedure isn't very quick, but it gives you a good overview.


if you are really looking to speed your code navigation, you might want to take a look at nwire for java. it is a code exploration plugin for eclipse. you can instantly see all the related artifacts. so, in that case, you will focus on the method call and instantly see all possible implementations, declarations, invocations, etc.


the best solution would be ctrl+alt+i.


i always use this implementors plugin to find all the implementation of an interface

it's my favorite and the best


here is what i do:

i press command (on mac, probably control on pc) and then hover over the method or class. when you do this a popup window will appear with the choices "open declaration", "open implementation", "open return type". you can then click on what you want and eclipse brings you right there. i believe this works for version 3.6 and up.

it is just as quick as intellij i think.


ctrl + mouse hover + click "open implementation"

on ctrl + hover, you should see the following menu:

enter image description here

tested on eclipse mars.2 (4.5.2)


highlight an interface and use ctrl+t to open "quick type hierarchy".


there's a big productivity boost if you add an alt + f3 key binding to the open implementation feature, and just use f3 to go to interfaces, and alt + f3 to go to implementations.

open implementation keybinding


press ctrl + t on the method name (rather than f3). this gives the type hierarchy as a pop-up so is slightly faster than using f4 and the type hierarchy view.

also, when done on a method, subtypes that don't implement/override the method will be greyed out, and when you double click on a class in the list it will take you straight to the method in that class.


well... well... i hope you use eclipse helios, because what you asked is available on helios.

put your text cursor again on the method and click menu navigate → open implementation. now if you have more than one implementation of the method, you will get choice to pick which implementation to open.

alt text

by defining a keybinding on preferences → general → keys you can even use the feature easier, but before you do that, see if this shortcut is fast enough for you.

press ctrl + click and hold. now move your mouse over the same method. tadam… you will get choice.

alt text

if you pick open implementation you’ll get the same choice as before.

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