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for ctrl+f11 to work the way you want, you must set (from "windows/preferences") the
"run/debug > launching : launch operation" setting to:

always launch the previously launched application

as thorbjørn ravn andersen mentions in the comment, launching the last app used to be (3.2 or before) the default behavior.
since 3.3m6 (march 2007), as illustrated by this thread:

by default, running and debugging applications has been simplified to run or debug the selected file or active editor.
when the selected resource (or active editor) is not executable, users can opt to launch the associated project or re-launch the previous launch.

these settings are managed on the run/debug > launching preference page.
users can also revert to the 3.2 behavior of always launching the previous application.

torsten confirms in the comments:

pressing f11 only launches the last application in debug mode.


yes, ctrl + f11 works in windows and command + fn + f11 in mac.


ctl + f11 did not work for me either (neon on lubuntu). i started doing this: alt + r + t + 1

one could also use h instead of t to debug: alt + r + h + #

i know it's a little longer but as long as i do not have to reach for the mouse and i can do it reliably on any linux machine i am fine. also, this way i can execute up to 9 previous runs by changing the number


way one:

click the project from of this icon at this time hold the shift button, project will restart (terminate and relaunch) with server port also.

enter image description here

way two:

enter image description here:

from of eclipse menu bar: windows => preferences => type and select keys type filter tex: terminate and relaunch bind your shortcut key like this:



and also you don't need to go to run --> run history. you can just click the small down arrow button next to the run button (this looks like a green circle with a white play symbol in it) on your toolbar.


for scala projects (scala ide) i had to also add this to avoid selecting a scala lanucher every time:

  • run/debug > launching > default launchers preference
  • in launch type/mode select scala application
  • in preferred launcher select scala application (new debugger) launcher

this also works for other launches that open a dialog when you press ctrl+f11


ctrl+shift+f9 stands for relaunch with the same configuration.

this works out for me!

at least in pydev-editor. i'm not sure about the other perspectives...


yes, ctrl-f11.


run -> run history -> [top most item] is just alt + r + t + 1. but downside of this way is that run menu must contain only one item with 't' hot-key.

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