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eclipse offers working sets. you can reduce the projects shown in the package explorer and other places to whichever projects you defined into the working set. you can also show the union of various sets, and similar gymnastics.

you can define/edit/delete working sets from the little triangle dropdown menu on the package explorer and similar directory views.


since eclipse mars m5, you can see a hierarchical view of nested projects in the project explorer view. in the view menu, click "projects layout > hierarchical".


working sets are great, but they don't work if the projects in one working set has the same name as in another, and such occurs in some ti c2000 chip examples that are in different directories.


what about eclipse working sets? you define a working set and then add some projects to it. later you could select a working set and only the projects you selected earlier are shown in project explorer. simpl grouping to reduce clutter.


you have two options, as far as i know:

  1. use the already suggested working set option: you can create custom groups, use them to focus on a particular area of a project, activate them through mylin; a really powerful tool indeed

  2. use the basic concept of workspace which allows you to work on many projects and relate them (via the build path "projects" tab, and "java ee module dependencies") so that when you need resources from other projects or you need to deploy them along with your main web application eclipse will do that for you


using working sets, you can add and organize them as shown in the picture :

enter image description here

as you can see my java projects are in working sets like sem1 and tps.

when you create an all new project, just add the project to your working set, like this :

enter image description here

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