forgive me for invoking old problem. but it is like legendary, always happen for new users. the reason i am here is i want to purpose different answer. rather simple. please fo to windows->preference->runtime environment->search and select the folder where you download the server. it will automatically detect the server and you are good to go.


i'm guessing that you are running eclipse mars, or an even earlier release. you need to upgrade to eclipse neon or later


navigate to /apache-tomcat-8.5.65/lib/org/apache/catalina/util/
then change tomcat/8.5.65
server.built=jul 6 2021 00:29:43 utc tomcat/
server.built=jul 6 2016 08:43:30 utc


go to the preview version of tomcat e.g. : tomcat 8.3 and copy catalina.jar file and paste into the existing tomcat which you have facing the issue


install the latest version of eclipse(). it would have the option to add tomcat 8.5.


i had similar issues with eclipse kepler v3.8 i had tomcat v8.5.37 installed. i couldn't see apache v8.5 as an option. by skimming through stackoverflow i found apache v9.0 is available on eclipse neon. cool thing is you don't have to change your eclipse version. in your current eclipse. download wtp(web tools package) by following the steps:

step 1: help >>> install new software. copy this link in the work with:

step 2: select jst server adapters and jst server adapters extensions from the first package you see. install those.

step 3: windows >>> preferences >>> server >>> runtime environments >>> add..

you'll see apache v9.0 there! it works!


this workaround worked for me. i edited the file as given below: tomcat/8.0.0
server.built=oct 6 2016 20:15:31 utc


as for now eclipse neon service release is available. so if someone is still encounters this trouble, just go to

help → check for updates

and install provided updates related to : org.eclipse.jst


for tomcat 8.5.x users

you've to change the file of tomcat's /lib/catalina.jar file. file contains the following code tomcat/8.5.4
server.built=jul 6 2016 08:43:30 utc

just open the file by opening the catalina.jar with winrar from your tomcat's lib folder file location in catalina.jar is /org/apache/catalina/util/

notice : shutdown the tomcat server(if it's already opened by cmd) before doing these things otherwise your file doesn't change and your winrar shows error.

then change the following code in tomcat/
server.built=jul 6 2016 08:43:30 utc

restart your eclipse(if opened). now it'll work...

screenshot of eclipse


there is a patch for eclipse:

download this patch and put it to the plugins directory of your eclipse installation. it will replace the default "org.eclipse.jst.server.tomcat.core_1.1.800.v201602282129.jar".

after you add this patch you must choose "apache tomcat v9.0" when adding a server runtime environment in the eclipse (preferences > server > runtime environments).
i.e. this patch allows you to select either tomcat version 9.x or tomcat version 8.5.x when adding apache tomcat v.9.0 runtime environment.

more details on can be found on the related bug report page:


you have to patch catalina.jar, as this is version number the wtp adapter looks at. it's a quite useless check, and the adapter should allow you to start the server anyway, but nobody has though of that yet.

for years and with every version of tomcat this is always a problem.

to patch you can do the following:

  • cd [tomcat or tomee home]/lib
  • mkdir catalina
  • cd catalina/
  • unzip ../catalina.jar
  • vim org/apache/catalina/util/

make sure it looks like the following (the version numbers all need to start with 8.0): tomcat/8.0.0
server.built=may 11 2016 21:49:07 utc


  • jar uf ../catalina.jar org/apache/catalina/util/
  • cd ..
  • rm -rf catalina

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