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you can take a screenshot if you open the android view "devices" (under window --> show view --> other... --> android --> devices). click on the device or emulator you want to take a screen shot of, then click the "screen capture" button (it looks like a little picture, and it should be next to a stop sign button). occasionally the device won't immediately load the picture; sometimes you have to close/reopen the screen capture window.

this is equivalent to taking a picture via ddms, but you can do it in eclipse instead of opening another application.


i just do a control print screen, which copies the image into the clipboard, then open ms paint then do a control z. then you can crop and size it to your liking. is this ok?


1-open the ddms prescriptive,the right click on mouse. 2-there click on export screenshot. 3-then it will show you option to save your file as .png file,with whatever name you like you may save it.


you load the emulator with your app normally, through eclipse, but you take the actual screenshot from ddms, a tool that's included in your sdk, under the "tools" folder.

in ddms, press ctrl+s to take a screenshot.


in the ddms perspective in eclipse there is a "screen capture" button. (make sure you have your android sdk and eclipse plugin up to date, not sure this was always an option). just press that button and a screenshot of whatever device you have ddms connected to (either a real android device or the emulator) will be created and opened in a new window where you can save it as a png.


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