you may require to install language packs: 3.2


i tried all settings mentioned in this post to build my project successfully however that didn't work for me. at last i was able to build my project successfully with mvn -dargline=-dfile.encoding=utf-8 clean install command.


you can set an explicit java default character encoding operating system-wide by setting the environment variable java_tool_options with the value -dfile.encoding="utf-8". next time you start eclipse, it should adhere to utf-8 as the default character set.



if you have problems with json files, it turns out in some eclipse versions there is an embedded json validator. you can turn it off by doing the steps below:

go to windows->validation and uncheck json validation checkboxes


just right click the project -- properties and select resource on the left side menu.

you can now change the text-file encoding to whatever you wish.


you can set a default encoding-set whenever you run eclipse.exe.

  1. open eclipse.ini in your eclipse home directory or sts.ini in case of sts(spring tool suite)
  2. put the line below at the end of the file



open eclipse and do the following steps:

  1. window -> preferences -> expand general and click workspace, text file encoding (near bottom) has an encoding chooser.
  2. select "other" radio button -> select utf-8 from the drop down
  3. click apply and ok button or click simply ok button

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try this

  • 1) window > preferences > general > content types, set utf-8 as the default encoding for all content types.

  • 2) window > preferences > general > workspace, set text file encoding to other : utf-8

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