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the command configured by default on a linux platform (dbus-send ...) fails on centos 6 and centos 7. changing it to nautilus "${selected_resource_parent_loc}" makes it work. i got this info from this documentation page, which i got from this bug report.

i'm creating an rcp app, and i don't want my users to have to manually change this setting. using plug-in spy i found the relevant preference store and key. so this non-api call will set the preference programmatically:

"nautilus \"${selected_resource_parent_loc}\"");

with newer versions of nautilus you can specify ${selected_resource_loc} instead, in which case it opens the parent folder with the specified resource selected. i observed this with nautilus v 3.14, but version 2.28 throws an error is the resource is not a folder.


i use easyshell plugin for eclipse, it has that functionality and more.

have a look at that:


create a new plug-in project using eclipse pde. hook your bundle's activator class into the common navigator api to receive selections for iresource. for each iresource selected, use the filelocator to get a file uri, with which you can construct a object. this can then be opened in the operating system's native file explorer using java 6 desktop integration:

    if (desktop.isdesktopsupported()) {
        desktop desktop = desktop.getdesktop(); file("c:/"));


open explorer in eclipse
    - in eclipse -> external tools configurations
    - in program tree -> new
        name: openexplore
        localtion: c:\windows\explorer.exe
        arguments: /select,${selected_resource_loc}\


eclipse explorer is an eclipse plugin helping you to open the folder or select resource in explorer quickly. it supports key assist, can open common resource and all java element location, even .jar in library.

advance feature:

  • support all java element explorer
  • support key assitant (default ctrl + ` )
  • support windows and linux platform
  • support auto selecting file(windows only)


an easy way to open the directory in windows explorer is to select the file in your project explorer and press alt+shift+w and press x .


download openexplorer jar file. i am using openexplorer_1.5.0.v201108051513.jar downloaded from

copy this into your eclipse/plugins folder and restart eclipse. this comes in handy. i would recommend eclipse users having this.


startexplorer doesn't work under my ubuntu, but explorefs works. you can find it here:

it supports windows, mac os x, and linux.


actually you can do that through the built in external tool manager. here are the instructions : i'm trying to get it work with nautilus. however it works under windows as i tried it.


in eclipse luna and later select a resource, then:

alt + shift + w > system explorer


right click > show in > system explorer

the exact command that should be executed to open the system explorer can be configured here:

window > preferences > general > workspace > command for launching system explorer

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