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try file > new > project... > android project from existing code. don't copy your project from pc into workspace, copy it elsewhere and let the eclipse copy it into workspace by menu commands above and checking copy in existing workspace.


assume that the application folder is in your pen drive.

open eclipse, go to import,select android,in android select "existing android code into workspace"

next and finish.

ramanand bhat


right click in navigator-import-existing project..-select the base directory of your project


i use mac and i deleted adt bundle source. faced the same error so i went to project > clean and adb ran normally.


file > import > general > existing projects into workspace. select the root folder that has your project(s). it lists all the projects available in the selected folder. select the ones you would like to import and click finish. this should work just fine.


window->show view->navigator, should pop up the navigator panel on the left hand side, showing the projects list.

it's probably already open in the workspace, but you may have closed the navigator panel, so it looks like you don't have the project open.

eclipse using adt build v22.0.0-675183 on linux.


it's the "import existing project into workspace" option under import->general.


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