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well, most convenient and safest way is to use jboss update site within eclipse software updates (help -> software updates... -> add site...):

the latest stable release update site for jboss tools

there you can find hibernate tools together with other handy jboss plugins.


for eclipse plugins, you just unzip them and drop the folder in the eclipse\plugins directory. simple as that.


once you have copied the plugins and features folder to eclipse (eg. c:\program files\eclipse (or whereever you installed it). you will see a features and plugins folder there already) you can check if hibernate has installed by going to help > software updates > installed software. if hibernate is not listed close eclipse and launch it again via a command window with this command "eclipse -clean".


uncompress the zip hibernatetools-3.2.4.beta1-r20081031133 later in eclipse --> menu help -> update sofwate -> add site -> local add, and select de folder uncompress an install automatic


i can't for the life of me get the next or finish button to not go grey

this is the eclipse pain in the ass ui. if you unckecked previously some components because they have broken dependencies, it blocks in the license. you have to unselect them in the first step.

note that avoid to use the update feature of eclipse it broke all my plugin, i had to delete my ./eclipse folder and reinstall all.


menu help > install new software

use this url :


i'm running eclipse indigo 64 bit on windows 7 64 bit and i kept getting missing dependency errors associated with maven and other plugins using the jboss tools 3.3.x latest download. here is the link.

so, i opted to only install hibernate tools with nothing else by typing in "hibernate" at the top of the install software dialog in eclipse. only 4 items showed up, so that is all i installed. it worked fine with no problems. here is the tutorial that i used to get it installed properly after several failed attempts.

i don't know if part of this was due to having a lot of plugins already installed or if this is the best solution or not, but i thought i'd share it with everyone.


since it is for ganymede (eclipse 3.4), i would advise to uncompress the zip in the dropins in the hibernatetools-3.2.4.beta1-r20081031133 directory created after the name of the archive.

once it is done, create in the [eclipse\dropins\hibernatetools-3.2.4.beta1-r20081031133] an 'eclipse' directory, in which you will move the plugins and features directories creating at the extraction of the files of the archive.

add a .exclipseextension in [eclipse\dropins\hibernatetools-3.2.4.beta1-r20081031133\eclipse]:




relaunch eclipse and the plugin hibernate should be detected.

if you install another eclipse, just copy the content of your dropins directory to the new eclipse\dropins and your set of plugins will be detected again.


method-1 online hibernate tool installation

in eclipse ide, menu bar, select help >> install new software … put the eclipse update site url "

eclipse install new software - hibernate

select the tool and click on next. do not select all the tools; it will install all the unnecessary tools. we just need hibernate tools.

accept licence agreement and click will take some minutes to complete installation process.

installation process

after installation, restart the eclipse to verify whether hibernate tools is installed properly,we will look at hibernate perspective in eclipse->>window->>open perspective->>other

method-2 offline installation

if you don’t have the internet connection and want the offline method to add hibernate tools in eclipse. to install the hibernate tools, extract the file and move all the files inside the features folder into the features folder of the eclipse installation directory and move all the files inside the plugins folder into the plugins folder of the ecilpse installation directory.

after restart, go to eclipse->>window->>open perspective->>other, the following dialog box appears, select hibernate and click the ok button.

check eclipse perspective

that’s it . we successfully installed jboss hibernate tools in eclipse. :) now happy coding

references :


installing hibernate tools on eclipse neon (4.6)

go to the menu help > install new software and click the add button.

use something like jboss hibernate for the name and insert the following url for the location: 

wait for the product tree to load and then expand the jboss web and java ee development folder and select the hibernate tools product and click the next > button. then follow on accepting all the subsequent questions, licence, etc.

when the installation is finished, restart eclipse as required. after that, to open the hibernate perspective go to the menu window > perspective > open perspective > others and search for hibernate.


instructions for eclipse indigo:

once installed click on window -> show view -> others. a new window pops up. click on folder hibernate and select hibernate configurations to setup a db connection. it is possible to setup a new connection using an existing hiberbate properties file or creating a jdbc connection.

once setup your db connection click on ping to test everything is correct.

lastly, click on the open hql editor button (third button on the top hibernate configurations menu) to run a hql query.


find the stable version of the hibernate plugin (zip or url for auto update) in the below url.

do not install everything though. you just need:

  1. the entire all jboss tools 3.2.0 section
  2. hibernate tools (ht) from application development
  3. ht from data services
  4. jboss maven hibernate configurator from maven support and
  5. ht from web and java ee development

that's all!

in 2013, you will be probably using the latest versions of eclipse and hibernate. for eclipse-4.2.2. and jboss tools 4.0 you need:

  1. from the abridged jboss tools 4.0, the jboss hibenate tools section
  2. hibernate tools (ht) from application development
  3. ht from jboss data services
  4. jboss maven hibernate configurator from maven support and
  5. ht from web and java ee development

then you are ready to go!

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