Accepted answer

Windows and Linux

  • Go to the next error: Ctrl + .
  • Go to the previous error: Ctrl + ,
  • Show quick fixes: Ctrl + 1


  • Go to the next error: Cmd + .
  • Go to the previous error: Cmd + ,
  • Show quick fixes: Cmd + 1


TO GO TO NEXT ERROR ONLY in eclipse with Ctrl + . command, tick off warnings as shown in screenshot

enter image description here


To complete the previous answers, you can use the combobox linked to the toolbar buttons for next/previous annotation to set the annotation level.


That makes browsing through errors using ctrl+./ ctrl+ easier,


To go to problem within project just type Shift+Alt+Q then press X. It will open the "Problems" window. Now use or to select the error/warning and press Enter to go to it.

I know it isn't simple as Crtl+. but it works for a whole project.

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