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in eclipse, goto window-> show view -> other -> android-> logcat.

logcat is nothing but a console of your emulator or device.

system.out.println does not work in android. so you have to handle every thing in logcat. more info look out this documentation.

edit 1: system.out.println is working on logcat. if you use that the tag will be like system.out and message will be your message.


go to your desired perspective. go to 'window->show view' menu.

if you see logcat there, click it and you are done.

else, click on 'other' (at the bottom), chose 'android'->logcat.

hope that helps :-)


in the "window" menu, open "open perspective" -> "debug".

alt text click on the plus image icon(you see the below image at status bar), and then select "logcat"....


in the window menu, open show view -> other ... and type log to find it.


write "logcat" in quick access edit box in your eclipse window (top right corner, just before open prospective button). and just select logcat it will open-up the logcat window in your current prospect

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