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Preferences -> C++ -> Editor -> Folding ?

Make a right click in the editor window and go to preferences there, then only the editor-relevant section of the preferences dialog will appear. This works for JDT, CDT etc...


In CFEclipse: Preferences > CFEclipse > Editor > Code Folding > Initially Collapse column, you can uncheck to see all expanded when opening, or check all boxes to close all when opening a file.


I was using salesforce apex classes with Eclipse Neon 3.3 for Java.
I found an option "define folding region" on right click in the editor, I selected the block of code i wanted to collapse and selected this property for that code. Now I am seeing + and - symbol to expand and collapse that block of code


If you want folding an all your editors, I found you can enable Folding in

Preferences > Editors > Structured Text Editors

Enable Folding


For windows eclipse using java: Windows -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Folding

Unfortunately this will not allow for collapsing code, however if it turns off you can re-enable it to get rid of long comments and imports.


Here you go!

  1. Right Click on + button appeared on numbering strip on left most side --> Folding --> Expand All
  2. Right Click on + button appeared on numbering strip on left most side --> Folding --> Collapse All

This way you can expand and collapse all the methods on the file.

Plus Buttons on numbering strip

Context Menu:

Context Menu


I assume you are using Java, but look under the settings for your particular language.

Under the Window menu, select Preferences.

Under Java->Editor->Folding. Select "Enable Folding".


In Preferences, you'll find General > Keys. It's for setting your keyboard shortcuts.

What I use it for more often, though, is to find stuff in Eclipse. You should see an input box labelled "type filter text." It's as close as Eclipse comes to a search feature for every Eclipse command.


For Python it is as follows:

  • collapse all 1 level: Ctrl+9
  • expand all 1 level: Ctrl+0
  • collapse current: Ctrl+-
  • expand current: Ctrl++

Hope that helps.


To collapse all code blocks Ctrl + Shift+ /

To expand all code blocks Ctrl + Shift+ *


To collapse all code blocks : Ctrl + 0

To collapse all code blocks : Ctrl + 9

Is there a way to collapse all code blocks in Eclipse?

by @partizanos and @bummi


Try this option: Preferences > Java > Editor > Folding > Enable folding


You can do ( Ctrl + Numpad_Divide ) to enable folding.
Also if you Right Click on the area where the + or - was supposed to be, you can see there is a folding option.

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