Accepted answer

go into your androidmanifest.xml file

  • click on the application tab
  • find the text box labelled "icon"
  • then click the "browse" button at the end of the text box
  • click the button labelled: "create new icon..."

  • create your icon
  • click finish
  • click "yes to all" if you already have the icon set to something else.

enjoy using a gui rather then messing with an image editor! hope this helps!


rob r.'s answer was definitely the way to go. i tried copying the ic_launcher.png files from another project and eclipse still wouldn't read them. going through the manifest is much quicker and easier.


you can find an easy guide here

the step are 2: - copy the icon in the correct folder/folders - change the androidmanifest.xml


look for this on your manifest.xml android:icon="@drawable/ic_launcher" then change the ic_launcher to the name of your icon which is on your @drawable folder.


icon creation wizard

  • select your project
  • ctrl+n
  • android icon set


in your androidmanifest.xml file

        android:icon="@drawable/ic_launcher"  <--------
        android:theme="@style/apptheme" >

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