i tend to use menu windowspreferencesgeneralappearancescolors and fontsjava text editorschangeapply.


try the tarlog plugin. you can change the font through ctrl++ and ctrl-- commands with it. a very convenient thing.


you can use

ctrl and + or - key


if you are using sts, then goto sts/contents/eclipse directory and open the sts.ini file.

from the sts.ini file, remove the flooring line:


and restart the sts.


i found the best way to increase font size in eclipse:

follow this path : eclipse-folder\plugins\org.eclipse.ui.themes_1.2.100.v20180514-1547\css

--there are a bunch of files here and it depends on user system which file to change.

* {
  font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif;
  font-weight: normal;

you can even change font family if you like.

  1. for windows users add the following piece of css at bottom of these files: file names: e4_default_gtk.css & e4_default_win.css

  2. for mac users: e4_default_mac.css


running eclipse v4.3 (kepler), the steps outlined by alvarocachoperro do the trick for the java text editor and console window text.

many of the text font options, including the java editor text font note, are "set to default: text font". the 'default' can be found and configured as follows:

on the eclipse toolbar, select windowpreferences. drill down to: (generalappearancecolors and fontsbasictext font) (at the bottom)

  • click edit and select the font, style and size
  • click ok in the font dialog
  • click apply in the preferences dialog to check it
  • click ok in the preferences dialog to save it

eclipse will remember your settings for your current workspace.

i teach programming and use the larger font for the students in the back.


you can have a look at eclipse color theme, also which has a hell of a lot of options for customizing font, background color, etc.


  1. on the menu bar, select windowpreferences
  2. set the font size (generalappearancecolors and fontsstructured text editorsstructured text editor text font (set to default: text font)edit...).
  3. save the preferences.


on the eclipse toolbar, select windowpreferences, set the font size (generalappearancecolors and fontsbasictext font).

save the preferences.


enter image description here

menu windowpreferences. generalappearancecolors and fontsbasictext font


press ctrl + - to decrease, and ctrl + + to increase the font size.

it's working for me in eclipse oxygen.


if you are using windows then to increase font size try with


and for decreasing font size you can use



the eclipse-fonts extension will add toolbar buttons and keyboard shortcuts for changing font size. you can then use autohotkey to make ctrl + mousewheel zoom.

under menu helpinstall new software... in the menu, paste the update url ( into the works with: text box and press enter. expand the tree and select fontsfeature as in the following image:

eclipse extension installation screen capture

complete the installation and restart eclipse. then you should see the a toolbar buttons (circled in red in the following image) and be able to use the keyboard shortcuts ctrl + - and ctrl + = to zoom (although you may have to unbind those keys from eclipse first).

eclipse screen capture with the font size toolbar buttons circled

to get ctrl + mouse wheel zooming, you can use autohotkey with the following script:

; ctrl + mouse wheel zooming in eclipse.
; requires eclipse-fonts (
; thank you for the unique window class, swt/eclipse.
#ifwinactive ahk_class swt_window0
    ^wheelup:: send ^{=}
    ^wheeldown:: send ^-


general → appearance → colors and fonts → java editor text font

see the image:

enter image description here


this worked for me:

  1. on the eclipse toolbar, select windowpreferences.

  2. set the font size (generalappearancecolors and fontsbasictext font):

    enter image description here

  3. save the preferences.


on mac:

  1. eclipse toolbar eclipse → preferences or command + , (comma)

  2. generalappearancecolors and fontsbasictext font

  3. apply


for eclipse neon

to increase ctrl +

to reduce ctrl -

shortcut for font eclipse


if you are changing the font size, but it is only working for the currently open file, then i suspect that you are changing the wrong preferences.

  • on the eclipse toolbar, select windowpreferences
  • set the font size, generalappearancecolors and fontsjavajava editor text font).
  • save the preferences.

check that you do not have per-project preferences. these will override the top-level preferences.

eclipse v4.2 (juno) note

per comment below, this has moved to the eclipse preferences menu (no longer named the window menu).

eclipse v4.3 (kepler) note

the window menu is live again, that is, menu windowpreferences.

eclipse 2021-12 note

verified that the path described (window → preferences, general → appearance → colors and fonts → java → java editor text font) is still correct.

note be sure to check out the chandrabhan singh's answer, it shows the key bindings to change the font size.

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