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the bar you are talking about is the breadcrumbs.

to remove it, look at your toolbar which should more or less look like this: enter image description here

then, click that button that is on the very far right. it looks like a little c with a green circle, a black triangle, and some small blue thing in the back. find that button on your eclipse toolbar and click it to show/hide breadcrumbs.

if you don't see it, let me know, and i can try to figure out which toolbar it is a part of.


adding on to the other answers, the "toggle breadcrumb" button may be in an alternate location on the toolbar as in this image:

alternate toolbar


just click the button next new class button and problem solved. and if you want breadcrumb just hit alt+shift+b. hit the link for image


right click on the breadcrum and click hide beadcrumb option.


when you right-click the breadcrumb bar, you need to right-click one of the words. just clicking the bar does not work


using the scala view, i neither had the icon mentioned in the accepted answer nor did alt+shift+b work.

what did work for me: right click in the unwanted breadcrumb bar and click hide breadcrumb.

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