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i've never used epf composer.

i did a little bit of google searches and i understand what you are looking for can be done through configurations (select openup in your library view) and published view definitions.

see slide 83 and 84 of this ppt document. you should be able to take it from there.

an introduction to the eclipse process framework.

in case the link does not work, i searched for "epf composer" "standard categories" on google and the document is at the bottom of the first results page.

good luck.


to those who are to lazy to search and browse slides:

slide 83:
select sub-set of method library for publishing to html or exporting to ms. use “content” selections for course grain (plug-in and package level) configuration. use “add/subtract these categories” for fine grain (element level) configuration.

enter image description here

slide 84:
categories group related elements
views defined by selecting categories
enter image description here

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