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cleaning up worked for me:

right click on the project -> team -> cleanup / refresh


encounter this when server is upgrading svn version.

for idea intellij user, what we need to do is

  1. select the project root directory in the left project panel
  2. in the top menu, select vcs -> subversion -> cleanup

now you should be able to checkin/out.


for whomever is using smartsvn (in macos) and eclipse, if after clean up at eclipse using the accepted answer is still not working, you may try to clean up at smartsvn, top menu -> modify -> clean up....


i had hard time solving this issue and i finally figured out what happened.

if you use svn add-on with eclipse or intellij idea and delete some files our of it (from system's file browser, then you will get this message as well.

the only way i was able to solve it in idea was to commit changes via external svn tool, then reopened the ide and checkout changes. after that i was able to commit with no such error.


@wu liang asnwer worked for me. but i had to goto preferences=>team=>svn=>svn connectors=>native javahl

screenshot 1:

enter image description here

screenshot 2:

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in my case, project -> team -> cleanup / refresh worked for one of the files but not the other. simply copy the command that failed from svn console on eclipse and run it in console with "svn" prefix works for me. so the syntax is:

svn commit -m "comment" -n /path/to/file


try to execute from the terminal:

svn cleanup 

team -> refresh/cleaunp from ide didn't work for me.


there is bug reported in svnkit with the same error.


this is most likely your console svn version is different to your eclipse "svnkit (pure java)" version, you can change preferences=>team=>svn=>svn interface=>client using "javahl (jni)"

my case is as below, using java hl 1.7.10 is ok, but using svnkit v1.7.9 will have the problem

wuliang-mac:src wwu$ svn --version
svn, version 1.7.10 (r1485443)
compiled jul  9 2013, 12:55:03

enter image description here


as i commented in other post...

for those that project -> team -> cleanup doesn't work in eclipse try:

  • force the cleanup using svn tortoise
  • from terminal with command svn cleanup /folder_to_cleanup

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