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go to the method in, and select open call hierarchy from the context menu.


right click on method and click on open call hierarchy

eclipse right click call hierarchy


select method > right click > references > workspace/project (your preferred context ) 



this will show you a search view containing the hierarchy of class and method which using this method.


move the cursor to the method name. right click and select references > project or references > workspace from the pop-up menu.


you can also search for specific methods. for e.g. if you want to search for isempty() method of the string class you have to got to - search -> java -> type java.lang.string.isempty() and in the 'search for' option use method.

you can then select the scope that you require.


select mymethod() and press ctrl+alt+h.

to see some detailed information about any method you can use this by selecting that particular object or method and right click. you can see the "opencallhierarchy" (ctrl+alt+h). like that many tools are there to make your work easier like "quick outline" (ctrl+o) to view the datatypes and methods declared in a particular .java file.

to know more about this, refer this eclipse reference

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