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if you do not need to use javahl, subclipse also provides a pure-java svn api library -- svnkit ( just install the svnkit client adapter and library plugins from the subclipse update site and then choose it in the preferences under team > svn.


my understanding - basically, svn client comes by default on mac os. while installing in eclipse we should match svn plugin to the mac plugin and javahl wont be missing. there is a lengthy process to update by installing xcode and then by using homebrew or macports which you can find after googling but if you are in hurry use simply the steps below.

1) on your mac terminal shell

$ svn --version

note down the version e.g. 1.7.

2) open the link below

check which version of subclipse you need corresponding to it. e.g.

subclipse version svn/javahl version 1.8.x 1.7.x

3) ok, pick up url corresponding to 1.8.x from

and add to your eclipse => install new software under help

select whatever you need, svn client or subclipse or mylyn etc and it will ask for restart of sts/eclipse thats it you are done. worked for me.

note: if you already have multiple versions installed inside your eclipse then its best to uninstall all subclipse or svn client versions from eclipse plugins and start fresh with steps listed above.


maybe you can try this: change jdk version. and i resolved this problem by change jdk from 1.6.0_37 to . br!


i tried every single solution available and finally for me the problem was:

uninstall native javahl 1.6

install everything under subclipse from this site:>


for me i started getting this problem when i upgraded to java 8, and then reverted back to java 7. upgraded again to java 8 and the problem got resolved.


for eclipse/sts v3.9.x windows user, you may need to update your subclipse version.

go to help > install new software > click on subclipse and edit the version from 1.6.x to 1.8.x

this method also apply to those who encounter javahl not available. you can check whether javahl is available or not by go to windows > preference > team > svn. you may check it in svn interface > client section.

if this work on mac os, kindly response in comment section. :)


i just installed mountain lion and had the same problem i use flashbuilder (which is 32bit) and mountainlion is 64bit, which means by default macports installs everything as 64bit. the version of subclipse i use is 1.8 as i had already installed subversion and javahlbindings i just ran this command:

 sudo port upgrade --enforce-variants active +universal 

this made mac ports go through everything already installed and also install the 32bit version.

i then restarted flashbuilder and it no longer showed any javahl errors.


you may or may not need javahl depending on your os. in addition to other suggestions just posting this here.

enter image description here

for other os see this source:


check out this blog. it has a ton of information. also if installing through brew donĀ“t miss this note:

you may need to link the java bindings into the java extensions folder:

 $ sudo mkdir -p /library/java/extensions
 $ sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/libsvnjavahl-1.dylib /library/java/extensions/libsvnjavahl-1.dylib


on kubuntu, my path to the library changed because of installing another java version. here's the whole picture, but in short:

sudo apt-get install libsvn-java
sudo find / -name

the output from the last command could look like this, for example:


this gives you the path, so you can add the following to your eclipse.ini:



try this:

  1. select window >> preferences
  2. expand team >> svn
  3. under svn interface set client to svnkit (pure java) svnkit....

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