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looks like a bug that occurs with certain specific combinations of jre and os versions (see basically, the jboss config is relying on reflection to return constructors in a certain order, and in some cases this order is different, causing the exception. did you change your jre version when you reinstalled, say from 1.6.0_17 to _18?

anyway, the workaround is described in the jira issue, and also here. you need to change the content of conf/bootstrap/profile.xml. look for the definition of the attachmentstore, and change the constructor line so that it starts like this (i.e. add the class xml attribute to the parameter tag):

<constructor><parameter class=""><inject …

the original version doesn't have the class="" attribute.

pretty sloppy of the jboss folks, but there you go.

score:0$ diff bindings.xml.old bindings.xml

in this file you have to change two things. one:


<bean name="standardbindings" class="java.util.hashset"
< elementclass="">
<bean name="standardbindings" class="java.util.hashset">
<parameter class="java.util.collection">
 <set elementclass="">

second: and then your http port number in the below bean definition

<bean class="">
               <property name="servicename">jboss.web:service=webserver</property>
               <property name="port">7070</property>

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