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it sounds like you have accidentally switched from smart insert mode to insert mode.

press ctrl + shift + insert or tick smart insert mode on the edit menu to switch back.

smart insert is the feature that automatically insert closing quotes and brackets when you type the opener and places semi-colons at the end of the line when you press semi-colon (if you have the preference for that enabled.)


i've encountered this symptom in eclipse 3.7 before. and after i restarted machine, it disappeared.


if your cursor symbol is " + " then press alt+shift+a. or else we can use edit menu options ==> toggle block selections


if you are using spring tool suite then you can double click on highlighted smart insert . some keyboards do not have insert button.

enter image description here


@jeremy by saying " i have a vertical line with a gap in the middle of it, like the character above the forward slash " i guess you are referring to the ' pipeline 'symbol, the one you use to denote' or ' in programming languages. as people already answered, you are in raw insert mode (as opposed to smart mode) so try edit->smart insert mode (ctrl+shift+insert by default). for more info you can visit this thread

and remember, the symbol is called 'pipe' symbol or 'pipeline' symbol.


i also had same problem, you can fix this by pressing just insert button on keyboard (on windows platform) also.

it worked for me.

or you can restart your eclipse.


on my windows computer i press shift + 0 but the zero has to be on the numeric keypad not the top row numbers.

shift + 0 toggle my cursor.


just click

toggle vrapper icon in toolbar..

that may causes some issues like these. because i'm also faced the same issue until today.

please refer the below images to get clear idea about this.

toggle vrapper icon

make sure that it is in disable mode in status bar
status bar confirmation


if nothing works, restart eclipse. that is what i did !


just double click on "smart insert" / "overwrite" in eclipse status bar

for reference, i am adding image.

ecliple - status bar


maybe you pressed the insert key, which will change the eclipse editor to overwrite rather than smart insert (see the info bar at the bottom of the editor), and will change the cursor to a block rather than a vertical line?

update: thanks for clarification - see mikej's answer which is correct. i'll leave this answer in case anyone has the similar, related problem that i describe.

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