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ctrl+l jump to line number. to hide/show line numbers, press ctrl+f10 and select 'show line numbers' there is no way to go to a particular column according to my knowledge.

on osx, the shortcut is + l

it you want more short-cuts, refer


you can use ctrl + forward or backward key to jump to the next dot in the same line. for example, in system.out.println("test"); you can switch between system, out and println by using ctrl + forward and backward key.


you can use 'command' + l to find line number in eclipse.


you can use ctrl + l to jump to specific line number

you can find a large list of eclipse shortcuts here:


as you are aware ctrl+l goes to a particular line, there is also ctrl+q to go to the last edit location. the is no key combination in eclipse to go to a particular line and column.

you can use a keyboard macro (available as hardware in some keyboards and included as software with some other keyboards). an explanation for microsoft is here: .

a program like autohotkey can also be used.

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