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In preferences Java -> Code Style -> Formatter, edit the profile. Under the Line Wrapping tab is the primary option for line width (Maximum line width:). In the Comments tab you have a separate option Maximum line width for comments:, which will also need to be changed to affect comment wrapping.

You will need to make your own profile to make these changes in if you using one of the [Built-in] ones. Just click "New..." on the formatter preferences page.


Line length formatter setup is blocked for annotations (Eclipse Photon checked). Therefore it is needed in Line Wrapping -> Wrapping settings -> Annotations. Setup line wrapping as appropriate for you. There is couple of possibilities, e.q. Enable wrap when necessary to use first icon list.


I use the Eclipse version called Mars which works with Java 7.

Go to Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter

Click on the Edit Button shown in the right side of "Active Profile" drop down

Tabs: "Line wrapping"

Field: "Maximum line width", Set the desired value (Default value set to 120) to increase/decrease the line length in the editor

Note: Remember to rename the Active profile to the name of your choice, as the default Eclipse profile won't accept your changes.


Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter / "Edit..."

Tabs: "Line wrapping" , "Comments"

Field: "Maximum line width"

Set both to make comments have the same length too. You might need to create a new profile if you don't have one already.


For XHTML files: Web -> HTML Files -> Editor -> Line width


Click Project->preferences. Type format into the search - you should see java->code style->formatter. Click that, then edit - finally, the line wrapping tab - its there :)


For HTML / PHP / JSP / JSPF: Web -> HTML Files -> Editor -> Line width


for XML line width, update preferences > XML > XML Files > Editor > Line width


Comments have their own line length setting at the bottom of the setting page java->code style->formatter-> Edit... ->comments


Take a look of following image:

Java->Code style->Formatter-> Edit

enter image description here

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