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ok, sorry for my previous answer, i had never seen that overview screen before.

here is how i did it:

  1. right click on my tomcat server in "servers" view, select "properties…"
  2. in the "general" panel, click on the "switch location" button
  3. the "location: [workspace metadata]" bit should have been replaced by something else.
  4. open (or close and reopen) the overview screen for the server.


you can change this by using the vm arguments as well in the launch configuration.


if the former actions haven't had effect, backup your server configurations, remove the server and reinclude it. it was my case.


before making any changes in tomcat server location, you need to remove project(s) deployed on server.

to remove project: expand tomcat server in "servers" view
right click and select remove


make sure that there is no project deploy in server. if so ,please right click on server ,select add and remove ,then remove all project. after this you can double click on server and the option will be enabled for you.


i started eclipse as admin, and it worked.


if your server is not loaded with heavy configuration, the best solution would be to delete the tomcat and set it again.
it will be much easier then doing try and error for 7-10 times! enter image description here


it worked for me after deleting and adding the server back.


starting server and publishing without any projects helped me to modify the "server locations".


i've just had same issue, this is what worked for me :

note the message 'server must be published with no modules present to make changes' on server dialog. so after removing the projects, re-publish your server, the option to set the server location should become re-enabled.

enter image description here


right click on the server, then add/remove, then remove any projects that are in the configured panel. then right click on the server and choose "clean..." from the context menu. then the server locations option will be enabled.

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