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eclipse neon (4.6)

window > preferences

window preferences

general > editors > autosave > check enable autosave for dirty editors > choose the value for autosave interval (in seconds)

general editors autosave

details in m7:

auto-save of dirty editors is now available in eclipse. the autosave option is disabled by default. a new autosave preference page (preferences > general > editors > autosave) is available and allows to enable/disable the autosave and change the interval of autosave. the countdown is reset on keyboard activity, mouse click, or when a popup is displayed (e.g. content assist, preference page, ...).


for eclipse mars 2, the settings are below window > preferences > general > workspace. these settings are in minutes and not in seconds.

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you could go to windows > preferences > autosave and set the auto intervals to 1.


in helios this can be done by going to preferences and setting:

run/debug > launching > save required dirty editors before launching


i wrote an eclipse plugin for this called smartsave. it's available in the eclipse market place.

it saves your files at a specified interval and you can even tune it to prevent saving if errors, or warnings, are present in the preferences dialog.


you can do it with the savedirtyeditor plugin as referenced in this question/answer. there is no non-plugin way of doing it.


first, try window -> preferences -> general -> workspace. there you can check "save automatically before build" and "build automatically."

if that does not work,

please try

preferences -> run/debug -> launching -> "save dirty editors before launching"


you can go here and check the box save automatically before build

windows > preferences > general -> workspace

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