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eclipse artifact searching depends on repository's index file. it seems you did not download the index file.

go to window -> prefrences -> maven and check "download repository index updates on start". restart eclipse and then look at the progress view. an index file should be downloading.

after downloading completely, artifact searching will be ready to use.

maven settings

update you also need to rebuild your maven repository index in 'maven repository view'.

in this view , open 'global repositories', right-click 'central', check 'full index enable', and then, click 'rebuild index' in the same menu.

a 66m index file will be downloaded.

maven repositories -> rebuild index


use manually with the prefix fc: to search for class names. both netbeans and eclipse seem to be too stupid to use that search interface and the gigabytes of downloaded repository indexes seem to not contain any class information. total waste of disk space. those ide projects are so badly maintained lately, i wish they would move development to github.


it is neccesary to provide group id and artifact id to download the jar file you need. if you want to search it just use * , * for these fields.


i have the same problem. none of the options suggested above worked for me. however i find, that if i lets say manually add groupid/artifact/version for org.springframework.spring-core version 4.3.4.release and save the pom.xml, the dependencies download automatically and the search works for the jars already present in the repository. however if i now search for org.springframework.spring-context , which isnt in the current dependencies, this search still doesn't work.


the maven add dependency is actually from the maven indexes. if the indexes is up to date, the result should be from there.

if you go to the maven repository, then select global repository, you should see a central ... tab, and select that, there should be a list of folders, and you should be able to see all the indexes from there. if not, then it means you didn't get the full index, then you can right click that and enable full index.

another thing i annoyed me most is even i did everything, it still not showing anything when i type "spring". this is actually where i did wrong. if you just type some additional text "springframework", boom, the result is there.


you can get this result if you are inside a corporate proxy and the new project isn't pointing to the correct settings.xml file with the proxy credentials.

you can also get this if you are using maven proxy (nexus, for example) and the index into the proxy is messed up somehow. i don't know a way to describe how to fix this. fool around with it or call the one who set up the maven proxy.

you can also get this if the new workspace hasn't yet downloaded the index either from maven central or from the proxy. (this is the best one as you just have to wait a while and it will work itself out.)


for me for this issue worked to:

  • remove ~/.m2
  • enable "full index enabled" in maven repository view on central repository
  • "rebuild index" on central maven repository

after eclipse restart everything worked well.


in your eclipse, go to windows -> preferences -> maven preferences maven screenshot tick the option "download repository index updates on startup". you may want to restart the eclipse.

also go to windows -> show view -> other -> maven -> maven repositories maven repository view screenshot

on maven repositories panel, expand global repositories then right click on central repositories and check "full index enabled" option and then click on "rebuild index".

full index screenshot

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