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It will indeed only refresh the current project (or, more specifically, the current selection in the project explorer). I just click somewhere in the project explorer, do Ctrl+A to select all projects and then press F5 to achieve a complete refresh.


For anyone curious how to select all of those projects on OS X where Ctrl+A doesn't work:

  1. Click the first project
  2. Hold down Shift
  3. Hold the key until they are all selected
  4. Now press F5


This answer led me to an even simpler solution, no configuration necessary.

Cmd-3 build all (control-3 on windows)

Edit: Correction -- I need to both refresh and build. Build does not automatically refresh. I'm currently using two actions, "echo" from my comment in the linked answer I just referred to (an External Tool configuration with a hook to refresh all), followed by cmd-3 "build all"


Control click all your projects together, then right click and hit refresh.

Usually I refresh all like that, then i make sure to clean all projects and rebuild in eclipse.



  • Create an external tool: Run > External Tools > External Tools Configuration...
  • Create a new Program configuration Point the location to an exe that is very fast (I use Cygwin's 'ls')
  • On the Refresh tab, choose Refresh Resources upon completion, The Entire Workspace
  • On the Build tab, deselect Build before launch

Run the tool to refresh all projects.


Ctrl-A, then F5.

You can set up the workspace to automatically refresh when it detects changes in the preferences. (Window > Preferences > General > Workspace > Refresh Automatically)


If you want to refresh all Projects, ignoring closed projects, then the easiest way is to:

  • ctrl-click and item in the Project Explorer (to ensure the P. Explorer has focus)
  • ctrl-click the item again so that it's no longer highlighted (but the P. Explorer still has focus)
  • F5 will now Refresh the entire workspace

Effectively F5 refreshes the Workspace when a navigation view has focus and nothing is selected.

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