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open your file and then window->new editor (note: in newer versions it will be called new window)

then, click on its tab and drag it somewhere else to have two editors of the same file

update: as mentioned by moschlar, from version 4.4, two editors can be created with window -> editor -> clone.


this seems to now be in the file-> new view into file which opens the tab with focus into a new tab in the same group where you can then drag it to another group if you wish.


in eclipse mars there is another way of doing it:

window -> editor -> clone.

then drag the cloned tab to the corner to create a parallel window.


window -> editor -> clone is also available in neon 2 and, judging from the other comments seems to be available in all newer eclipses.

it's my preferred solution.


in order to keep answers up to date i underline that with eclipse sts this action is performed using window -> editor -> toggle split editor (horizental) | toggle split editor (vertical)


right click on your editor tab and select "new editor".

... unless you have a newer version of eclipse, in which case do window -> new editor.


i realize he specified a new editing window. showing an alternative for those, like me, that do not want a new editor but would like to be able to look at the file in two places at the same time in the same tab.

window -> editor -> toggle split editor will split the editor horizontally or vertically.
ctrl + _ is horizontal and ctrl + { is vertical. more precisely it's ctrl + shift + - and ctrl + shift + [.

i had issues with it in mars (see note below) that seem to have cleared up in neon.

mars note: the split editor seems a bit buggy. the javascript editor likes to jump the cursor to the other pane momentarily when it does a while-you-type-validation.


in eclipse luna (4.4) and above, this is supported out of the box: window -> editor -> clone.

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